10 and Counting


It's like the terms & conditions - nobody will read it but they'll agree and move on ;)
The same opinion here!

Yes honda15 that is my recruitment letter. *Conan was saying about getting so many invites and not one letter to go with them so I sent it to him just so he would have a recruitment letter even though there was no way he would get an invite. It was also made clear that he couldn't get an invite due to his distance from us right at the beginning of the letter.

Not everybody will get that letter either As I have 3 different recruitment letters, and that one is only sent to players that I would really like to see join. Players that are growing very fast with a good strong background.

The rawr if people go copying that and not changing it then it really wont help them much. I have clearly stated what alliance that letter is for, and a few of my old accounts in it.
*Conan asked me if he could post that before he did. I told him I thought that would be cool if he did. The main reason I thought that way is because it would show all these alliance that are sending invites with no letter the proper way to write a recruitment letter.
I see this message, bud I read:

Yes Honda15 that is my recruitment letter. I don't have to read the rest.
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