10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war ;)

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  1. I'd like to state all this cos it will be nice to point out later on ;)

    Bad Co seem to think they will win their war against Evo. Here is a list of reasons why not.. plus some other secret reasons I won't disclose yet.
    1. Bad Co is only hitting a small section of Evo. We cover about 10 oceans, they are hitting one front. so 8 or 9 oceans have players that know nothing about bad co.
    2. Evo is spread all the the way to O44 and O53.. how long would it take for Bad Co to take all those oceans?
    3. TBE are almost dead now and this certainly doesn't do Bad co any favours, 1 less war to war about :p
    4. We broke off from hitting bad co and allowed them to move into 66.. It still took em 3 months to take 66 (handed to them) and most of this was done by recruting turtles there... 10 oceans to go, even if they take 3 months per ocean that is 2 and a half years!
    5. Most of Evo's players have been here since August 2010, now while I'm sure we'll still lose some players to RL that is to be expected, Bad Co will soon shed loads due to it being that natural time when players leave. Evo is mainly die-hards now
    6. We are still top. We've been here in one form or another since the start of the world. Many have tried and failed to knock us off the top. 8 top 12 alliances haven't been able to stop us so why would Bad Co.
    7. Evo are smarter lol Bad Co took the bait, moved into 66 as planned and now they continue to do as we want them to do ;)
    8. Bad Co have been recruiting turtles, players we know aren't good enough and players we know as soon as we hit em will be screaming all over their forums and hitting vm. We know this cos they did that in Evo lol
    9. Bad Co are turning into a massive MRA.. (I use the term MRA because they are recruting any player in our oceans regardless of their skill) Atm they have been a successful MRA, but I was in a very successful MRA and they can work for some time, especially with active and committed leaders, but it can only last for so long.. before the bubble bursts..
    10. They don't have the quality of players Evo does, at the risk of sounding big headed, but check the top ABP players, see while there's some on the frontlines, if they were ever lucky enough to win them, they hit a whole load of different top players next. Bad Co have maybe 5 top quality players that I would consider having in Evo.. not helped by a lot of their players being ex-evo/athenians/legion
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    Responses to above post:
    1. Evo used to control outright 10 oceans. Now its only 6: 44, 54, 64, 55, 65, 56. You must be counting the oceans now controlled by D12.

    2. Silly rabbit. LB, TBE, DL, D12, TD can all keep their pieces of the pie (eventually). Taking over an alliance that was 8 times larger than us was an impossibility, even before the name change, consolidation, recruitment of Olympians, etc.

    3. TBE isn't dead now. Look at DL. Didn't Evo said they would be wiped from Ocean 46? Hasn't happened after 4 months. Seems your enemies are putting up a better fight than yourselves.

    4. We don't want your other stinkin' oceans ;)

    5. Hello, we've shed nearly 200 players in AL alone, but the only difference is we actually attempt to train our new players, bring in new blood, while all Evo can do is consolidate their inactive cities under a couple players.

    6. You're tops, but have been declining ever since uniting the 8 of the top 10 alliances in November. You are now only 2 and now have to shuffle around players to keep your Evo2 branch relevant.

    7. Ocean 66 was a varied number of failed strategies for Evolution. Some tried to resist. Others followed their leaders' advice to turtle. Whatever it was, Ocean 66 was an Evolution-controlled ocean and now it is ours. If running away is your "grand-plan," you're doing a great job of it.

    8. We invited smaller players that have been attacked by Evolution in the past. It's called a game and there's always opportunities to learn and become better. Evolution believes this game is only supposed to be controlled and fun for roughly 50 active players out of 5,000. Our views differ.

    9. If you insist on calling us a MRA (an alliance who sends invitations to every Tom Dick & Harry), then according to your definition, we are as Evolution, Legion, Athenians, Myrmidons have all been in their heyday. The same recruiting practices you abhor have been used by your alliances dozens of times, so it's all the same.

    10. Risk of sounding "big-headed?" Sorry, you already do and have for quite sometime. You're the one that posts polls to "show" who are the greatest players and yet much of the time players outside of Evo don't have the same views. You may argue that you have quality players, but I'm happy to say we've got quality people.

    Now, more importantly,

    Reasons Evo will eventually fail:
    1. Periodically use a distinction that former members of their alliance were not "quality players" and only the players they currently have are of "quality." So who is your next "un-qualified" player to leave? How is it Evolution keeps losing bad players yet they are self-annoited as "the best"?

    2. Half the cities that Evolution conquers are inactive players, many from their own alliance. As Summer comes around and more Evo players choose to leave for a less-boring experience, that will only increase. Evo has not enough active players to compensate for their players leaving.

    3. Evolution is surrounded and at the mercy of their pacts. D12 is pacted with them and still fighting a very slow war at DL's expense. Someday their players are going to get tired of fighting that war and realize how easy it is to take down Evolution.

    4. Evolution players are getting so large due to their diet of inactives that morale will become a serious issue for their attackers. They are facing the same morale issues encountered by The Marines in Lambda. You'll need more and more premium to recover your losses, faster.

    5. Evolution is not getting new blood. They have no rim oceans and thus have to rely on recruiting players from enemies or allies to survive. Iota will be about new blood.

    6. Evolution is a generally hated alliance by players outside of Evolution. They fill-up these public forums with their hatred, their negativity, and their arrogance and show how they are cowards in-game by utilizing vacation mode more than any other alliance. Oh, right, the players that have used vacation mode in Evo are no longer there.

    7. The Evolution concept is old. Time for another name-change. It's pretty obvious the "Evolution" was just a way to consolidate the world's largest players to create one huge "unsinkable" safety net. The same was said for the Titanic.

    8. The Brotherhood, Little Brother, & Bad Co. have seen their best months fighting Evolution. Everytime Evo attacks, we move up to greater heights. Delian League is the best example of that resurgence. Saying that any of these alliances are dead is just a farce.

    9. At any given time, 10% of Evolution is on vacation. Another 10% is inactive. It's tough to say your points are the defining criteria if you're hiding behind them.

    10. And most importantly, Evolution has a long history of not being able to hold onto their cities. Even the most basic surprise attack or a concerted mass-attack secures several Evolution cities and sends their players scurrying for ghosts and inactives. In spite Evolution decided to finally start "fighting" this war against Bad Co. just last week, Bad Co. has captured more cities than they've lost to Evo.

    Good luck in trying to turn that one around.:pro:

    I stick by my prediction in January that Evolution will not "win" world Iota. Try as they might, the underdog role keeps players more interested in this game for longer.
  3. Repsonses to the above post:

    1. Evo is in 10 oceans. I did not use the phrase control outright. At least read what I say correctly before replying please.

    2. LB and Bad Co are the only ones really hitting us atm. and TD and D12 are allies.. I don't think you can use our allies as a reason for winning war :p

    3. Look at DL?? yeah I'm looking and no I'm not seeing much of a threat tbh

    4. 'We don't want your other stinkin' oceans ;)' Then you will never beat Evo.. This point alone just backs up everything I said. You will not 'win the war' without taking out all of our players.. duh!

    5. You're 'new blood' is usually 'old blood' and as they say 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' ;)

    6. How are we declining? We are still top in points and ABP.. we take more cities than anyone else. Just saying we are declining isn't really much of an arguement when the stats prove otherwise.. we're smaller for sure, out of choice cos we all got fed up with the recruiting of nooby players that didn't wanna join in.

    7. When consolidating you have to make some choices, and we choose 66. Pure and simple.. no running away we have just been taking cities elsewhere.

    8. Again most of your 'new' players aren't 'new' at all. They are 'old' and have been here for sometime and still don't get any better lol

    9. We were an MRA, and it did work for sometime for sure, but we were ranked top at the time and it worked for that reason.. but trying to do that with an alliance lower down and take on a top ranked team is hard work.. and never been done before, so experience would suggest it won't work. We have stopped being and MRA, we don't recruit much at all and they are usually only players we know on the odd occassion we do. We had to change cos the MRA thing wasn't working. That is why I'm saying Bad Co being an MRA won't work.. it's from experience.

    10. We have quality players I don't think there is much doubt about that. Even players outside of Evo say that. How many players outside the whole bad co, friends of bad co would say you have good players. Evo's enemies say they have good players.. do yours?

    Now, more importantly,

    Reasons Evo will eventually fail: (My comments on the above)
    1. There haven't been many players removed from Evo in sometime. The only players to leave recently have been to RL. So this no longer applies.

    2. This has been the most exciting for ages for us in Evo, if players were going to leave through boredom it would have been at xmas not while we're having fun lol

    3. Oh so this is how Bad co are going to win the war? oh this is how, our allies turn on us and win the war? I get it.. so you're going to win the war by not actually winning the war right?! haha that is the best arguement yet :p

    4. lol ok morale is more of a factor for some of us.. but if we have more cities then really does it matter? morale isn't gonna win the war lol

    5. Iota isn't getting much 'new blood', didn't you read all the other threads about Iota dieing? but since you mention 'new blood' not met our latest addition to our family yet? no? oh you will ;)

    6. We're not here to be liked, we're here to play a game successfully. And actually many enemies mail me and tell me they like my posts on the forum even if you don't ;)

    7. Is our name a reason for losing the war?

    8. I've yet to see an alliance come back and be a force they were before.

    9. 10% of Evo are certainly not inactive anymore. I'm pretty sure you have a lot more inactives than we do

    10. Evo is an offensive alliance. We have less defence troops so therefore rely on sniping.. sometimes it's risky :) but we like risk lol

    So basically if I read that correctly, Bad co will win because D12 will do their work for them, morale will get us, our players will get bored, alliances don't like us or we need to change our name? I'm disappointed, I figured somewhere you might have mentioned that you might beat us fair and square on an open battlefield.. That is my definition of winning a war... not by default :p
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    Oh Barbie...you're back on the forums with your little lists of "facts". You do give me such chuckle with your clearly myopic view of Iota and the war you're in.

    Huh? You've got our allies all mixed up with our enemies. Seems someone is a little confused.

    We call O46 "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". DL doesn't fight therefore DL is dead. Or just simming. Six of one 1/2 dozen of the other far as I'm concerned. Can't say I blame them though. You've not come up against the guns in 46. But you will. There's one I'd particularly like you to meet. Herbal used to call him "The Terrorist".

    When I didn't get the Barbie Dreamhouse I really really wanted one Christmas I said the same thing. I was 7. How old are you??? Bottom line is this. Whether you want those oceans or not you're gonna have to take them if you want to crush evo. No way around it. And…I kinda think you want them.

    You noticed that huh? Had nothing to do with making dot2 relevant and everything to do with re-organizing our players by geography to make it easier for leaders in that area to know who is on VM/inactive etc. Also makes map making and tracking alliance events easier.

    See...you come up with all these wild and crazy reasons for what was a simple re-organization of players. I bet you wear tin foil on your head to keep the aliens from reading your thoughts too.

    I am pretty sure the game is fun for more than 50 players. Once again your narcissism shines through in your myopic view of this server.

    And, how well has that worked? Not so well tbh. It’s one thing to make a mistake, quite another to copy it straight from the playbook. You really are daft.

    Seems that you're saying we've not got quality people. Not true, and I resent the implication. Our quality players are also quality people. Make no mistake about that Barbie.

    Now, more importantly, <---- more hot air is to come.

    We are the best. Look at our stats. Look at yours. The only way you'll change that is to up your game cos I'm sure as heck not gonna start playing like crap just so you can feel better about yourself.

    We've said it before. Evo plays full on, and not everyone wants to play that way. It's cool though, cos they've got your alliance to go to where they can sim in peace away from all that war business you get in a war game. Only problem is...we are in a war so I kinda wonder how that's gonna work out for them in the end.

    Easy? Cos you're doing such a good job of it? RFLMAO. You really shouldn't speak of O46. You know absolutely nothing about it. I'm pretty sure D12 doesn't want to fight us anymore than DL does, and they don't even need to. Try again barbie...cos you just keep FAILING!!!

    Nonsensical gibberish. How does premium factor into this?
    Like lozza said, there isn't a whole lotta new blood coming to the core, and since we're not at the rim we're not recruiting there. Not going to try and teach a turtle that's been turtleing for months how to time and attack so...you're right. Our new blood trickles in slowly, but...that's the way we like it.

    Also: There is always "account gifting", and I think you'll be meeting our newest recruit soon enough. Personally...I can't wait.

    As for us being "hated". Really not our problem. I didn't come here to be liked. I came here to play a game, and when I play a game I want to win...so I do. If you hate us cos were good then it's your problem. We're just people playing a game like anyone else, and once you've got past the velvet rope and been admitted to our fold it becomes really apparently why we top the charts and you don't.

    Delian League is dead and has been dead since Freakoutroom and Freakygreek quit. They've got no fight in them so I really don't know what you're talking about. BUT...if they did have some fight left in them I am sure the guys in O46 would be happy to start using those cities close range again.

    VM is a fact of life. It's summer time and people do like to go outside from time to time. This might be hard for you to grasp, but it's true. As for activity, we're pretty active. Far more active than any of the Bad Co. alliances (and I'm looking at battle points...not city points you silly little simmer you)

    We decided not to turtle up and compromise our offensive aims so we snipe. Means we lose some we might not have lost if we'd just turtled. Also means we have more pop space for offense than you do, which is probably part of the reason we conquer more active/enemy cities than any of you...despite the fact you outnumber us 3 to 1.

    That's right Iota...3 to 1 at last count. Seems we’re the underdog here, and they still can't take us. They can come on the forums puffing up their chests and spewing their little statistics but they still can't take us in-game.

    Sorry Barbie, but yet another epic fail at trying to spin it so you're sim city band of noobs looks good.
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    This is getting boring, are both of you going to keep doing little lists about why the other one will fail?

    Personally, I would rather see Evo win the war. Fighting them is fun and besides, if bad co wins the war they will have huge egos and we will never hear the end of it.

    Barbie, please stop trying to blind us with facts that even people outside Evo know are false. You keep saying you can win this war, then win it. Otherwise stop posting and start playing the actual game.
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    Facts are Facts, Baslisk... Now go back to being Non existent and stop brown nosing EVO Like you've always done. When we DO win the war, the Underdogs that we are will be respected b/c we've accomplished something Everyone is saying is impossible. Your illogical, therefore irrelevant to this conversation. I'm actually enjoying the "tit for tat" thats going on right now on this thread. BBcue has made Excellent points, Jenna and Lozza have made one or 2 points I agree with as well. But thats just a matter of perspective. So please, Shooo Fly Shoo. Your bothering all the REAL players here having a debate. ::Snickers::
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    Haha. I am enjoying this thread as well. And I agree, when is the last time The Basilisk had ANY say so in current war events. EVO LOVER! :supermad:

    For the record, TBE is not dead. We have just been plagued with a bunch of terrible things happening all at once... "when it rains, it pours." :Angry:

    We'll be here til the end, but I'm sorry to tell you Lozza, as I've told Commander Roky... "This is NOT our end-game."

    You say Bad Company will not win the war on Evo... I say Evo will eventually lose the war on Iota.
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    I certainly hope you guys aren't dead. I'd hate to think that the loss of three players (even if they're big ones) would mean the end of TBE or any alliance for that matter.

    I don't know what your end game is, but I assume it's the same as any alliance, which is to be the dominating force in Iota. I don't play in the north so you and I won't be crossing swords anytime soon but you guys are going to have a fair bit of heavy hitters you haven't even managed to get close to yet in your future. Drag your feet and you might never have to deal with us, but make no mistake...The rim alliances have only just scratched the surface of fighting evo.
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    Evolution is to Iota what Phenomen is to Beta,
    no one ever thought that Phenomen could be broken,that they had the best and they spanned vast oceans and everyone trembled... until we didnt anymore, and a group of alliance broke them.. from sea to sea pushed them back further and further until all Pheomen has now is its main core ocean and a small amount of cities in some joint oceans.

    The main reason overall, Your Core will break itself. those in the center of your empire cannot expand forever, the way CP is gain in this game once you hit around 50+ cities you start to have a need to have 300 + VP to gain new ones this gives us smaller players the ability to focus on your out edges.. hitting your weaker members etc etc

    you will implode on yourself and the world will be free of you rule and another alliance will usher in a new era of heavy handed supremacy.

    Everything in time comes to pass, nothing last forever.
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    Even if you can compare apples to oranges, which is what comparing a totally different alliance on a totally different server is doing, I'm not sure you're correct. Now, I can only speak for the southern front (and I mean anything south of Mid 45/55) but...

    1. Core players that want to keep playing have already pushed out from the core so they aren't locked in. We have plenty of mini battles going on and I haven't heard too many cries of "I can't get CP". If anything it's "OMG, I gotta fill these slots".

    2. You guys have been hitting the edges for months. At this point it's pretty much weeded out those that can't handle it so, what's left are people who...if they leave it will be because they don't have time to play anymore. Boredom/inability to expand hasn't been the reason cited for anyone leaving the game. If anything it's "I really don't want to do this but I have too" because of x,y,z RL thing that's going on with them.

    3. I really don't think we lord over an era of heavy handed supremacy. We're just good players that started in the core oceans. The other suggests that we care what you do with your alliance/territory and make attempts to force you into doing something. Unless we have some need to expand into your territory or you think you can run up on ours, we really don't care what you do and I can't think of a time I or anyone from Evo has told another alliance how to conduct their business.

    But...you know...maybe your right. Maybe in a few months time all Evo will have is one ocean. I kinda doubt it, but :pro: and who knows what will happen.
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    (I cant believe Im saying this but...) Very Well said Jenna. And a Very Valid point in regards to " :pro: " And anything can happen. ;)
  12. I'd like to take this moment to publicly apologize for my hatred and my negativity...

    It would be nice to be able to blame God for my bad behavior... but he swore if I ever mentioned him again, he'd come back and finish off the job.

    So, I'll take the blame. My arrogance and my long cowardly vacations have made me a bad bad man.

    And I want you all to know... its really important to me that I pretend I care about what people think.

    So I hope you can all forgive me... and maybe some day stop leaving flaming bags of poo on my front porch... its just not funny anymore.
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  13. LoL to the haters.. I'll keep this short and simple..

    I still have 3 southern cities square in TDC/Bad Co Territory.. How have we failed to hold those cities again? Explaination for that please BBQ?

    And yes Syl... anything can happen. Too bad I didn't catch this thread earlier .. was some great crap talking chances here... and I missed them :(
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    The "Fibbing" Of EVO. They insult YOUR intelligence...

    ::Stretches his arms While Slowly peering at yet another of Herb's Antics and Fake Propaganda::

    Funny, What a CO-INKY-DINK that You've out of No where DROPPED from your highest point just 15 days ago when we started our OPS against you Worldwide and have utterly decimated you the EXACT day to be precise during Our OPS on multiple fronts and oceans through out the past 15 days.

    EVO PLUMMETING is just a coincidence that it crashes and Burns, and is still burning. Folks, remember this, EVO'S LIE. This is a perfect example. And their caught Red handed LYING TO YOU. A Picture is worth a thousand words... See Below. As I said EVO, FACTS over fiction...ENJOY.


    LONG LIVE "Bad-Company"

    EDIT: Might as well and be fair to post a side by side comparison of US, THE DEATH CRUSADERS are doing Compared to the "Almighty" EVO. ENJOY. ::Smirks::


    A direct comparison of EVO's LOSING over 100 cities in the past 2 weeks vs. US gaining those 100ish conquests. Coincidence? I Think not.
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  15. You're like a horse with blinders on.

    ::Takes your blinders off::
    Have a look at the real truth. We shifted alliances for better management. You were told this already. Apparently this went in one ear and out the other... like the fact that you wont win.. you haven't gotten that one yet either.

    Let me hold it right in front of your face, with pretty pictures for those who are having problems catching on ::nudge bad co::


    Yep. That right. Our points shifted, you picked through our trash by massive recruiting and scrap collecting (which you accused us of doing, lol!). Nice try.. as I said before.. your all smoke and mirrors.. all talk.. aol-like.. whatever. Pick one.. you silly little garbage man. Good luck teaching old turtles/inactives new tricks. If you stay around long enough we'll toss you some more scraps.. But first... Syl! Sit! Stay! Good dog.

  16. XxSyLissxX

    XxSyLissxX Guest

    LMAO. Your a trip dude ;)
  17. For those who can't speak syl that means:

    "Damn he just told me whats up. I'm gonna shut up now before I look even dumber" :)

    LETS GO SYL TALK MORE SMACK. That was a sucky reply :(
  18. aveugle

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    The skin of your rat is going to be exposed here within 40 days and you know that, all mighty evos.

    see you .
  19. XxSyLissxX

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    LMAO! I've been in such a good mood the past few days "Especially after I had initially read your SPIN" on the truth I posted, I just dont have it in me right now to talk some more entertaining smack. (As Much as I enjoy sparring Verbal dialect with you though, this is true. Ima go have me a few drinks, That always gets my juices flowin.)
  20. Oh no please don't expose my Mexican hairless rat. What are we to do once the skin is exposed?! So we are up against some rim-riding Mexican hairless rat loving bireme attackers. What has the world come to?

    You know.. 40 days sounds about right.. that's how long we had to leave you alone (and I went to VM) before you guys made any progress last time.. But the problem is now there is alot more of us interested in taking you guys down .. so I really don't think there is anything you can do. Build our cities right though please.. Veseli's were a mess and now we have to waste our CP cleaning up MORE bad co messes..