10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war ;)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrincessLozza, May 22, 2011.

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    I don't think I can imagine what a skinless rat is, but here's your hairless rat.

    Too bad this is what the "Evolution" has evolved into since the New Year.

    In reference to the rest of your rant, at least Veseli didn't do what KimZz did. And Valiant. And... all the rest of Evo that have been previously attacked en masse. Hit the vacation mode button when you feel the heat coming on. Herb, you've never actually felt the heat... if you had, your leaves would wilt and catch fire putting the entire game into a state of euphoria.
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    More reasons Bad Co Won't win this war. They don't support their members...

    Ahh...here's some grepostats for you syl ::winks::

    You accuse us of not supporting our members? This was like taking candy from a baby. ::you should be ashamed of yourselves snickers::


    And, what was the rest of that?

    Put the bottle down and face the facts syl. This is what happens when we meet head ON in OUR OCEANS **

    Sorry syl, but one after another it's going to be game over for you and the rest of Bad at supporting their members in need company.

    :pro: And you've been warned.
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    AAAWWWWW good job EVO'S LMAO let's see he stuck out in the middle of no-man's Land, he has a JOB, works 12 hrs a day more then half his city's are under 7k and about time he came home from work (Kiss) the wife and kids sat down for Dinner with the family, then check on a game YES ( A GAME) more then half his city's under revolt with lil time to do anything. We TDC get a CRY from a EVO player pls don't attack me until 3 days from now,

    aaxc today at 1:45 AM
    Hi m8, can you maybe ask your ppl to cease fire for 3days till'm, back?
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    Man...you guys can dish it but you sure can't take it. This is me LMAO at you. What a joke! There's a phrase for types like you lot. I think it's "Bunch of lady blouses".

    I'm sorry. You think it's any different for us? You think we don't have jobs? Family? Friends? You think we don't know this is a game.

    We're just better at it than you ;)

    P.S. The whole stuck out in "no man's land". He was in the core. YOU'RE in "no mans land" out in O57 ;)
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    I'm sorry, Jen, but you already used the same excuse for losing cities (as well as many others).

    P.S. As for publishing the ask from aaxc - I wouldn't do that, aaxc is one of the not so many respectul players in evo, I propose to not attack him for 3 days.


    i was just saying miss jenn don't get so bent out on me LOL and my dear if you call being in 4 diff OC' in no-man land then I'm in there
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    Jenna, your quite amusing really. Evo actually managed to take someones cities in a few days. ONE player. We've done that to you now 12 times and counting in the past few weeks. The overall stats I posted show that. Nice try though... Ooooh wait, thats right, Your Princess stated you Gave those to us, The Whole ocean for that matter. ::Maniacal Laughter:: Man what a Total farse you are.
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    Being spread across 10 oceans is not a deturant to losing a war... In an alliance with 200 members maybe, but when you have only 80ish people, that means you have an average of only 8 members per ocean? Really more like 6 or 7 with inactivity.

    How difficult can it be for one alliance to focus fire a single individual (we all have to sleep sometime) and gradually work Evo out of an ocean?

    In reality, the figureheads of a mega-alliance like evo will never really leave. They can lose cities and just take them back elsewhere since its pretty well impossible to take 50+ cities. The war is won or lost in the players that arent that dedicated and throw in the towel after losing many cities. By the looks of both Evos having only half the alliance cap now makes me think this is in progress.
  9. Ok.. the post you guys are getting all worked up about is replying to the fact that we were told that people could come in to our ocean and cause problems, and that we never support our members yet you guys support everything sooooo great. We just proved that wrong. Your doing more talking in public, we proved it in game (then talked about it).

    Now, on a the tangents everybody went off on, lets see here.. those worthy will get a reply:

    -more then half his city's are under 7k:
    Yeah ok, we wanted that position and to get the red out of there. You guys are COLONIZING around here. Tons of your cities are below 7k, that's hardly a valid point.. I mean come on we can't wait forever for you to build us decent cities. And hiding on pointless islands won't save you either.

    -more then half his city's under revolt with lil time to do anything
    Uh... that was the point? And it worked.

    -I'm sorry, Jen, but you already used the same excuse for losing cities (as well as many others).
    They may be the truth in both instances, so that means we're equal.. therefore each excuse canceles the other one out and you don't have any excuse left :)

    -Evo actually managed to take someones cities in a few days. ONE player. We've done that to you now 12 times and counting in the past few weeks
    Hrm. Checking grepostats in the last two weeks for you taking things from ONE player... you have taken kimzz (inactive as you know), aaxc (had to be carried off in a ambulance before that happened), ronaldb (quit, i mean come on his account is deleted even already), finglas, and cabz bii (who you then recruited).. Thats 5. Only two were active. And not a SINGLE ONE on an active player was ANYWHERE NEAR what we did to Veseli. Peroid. You guys are taking cities here and there, we made a point and cleared an entire section of an ocean.

    -..Both Evos having only half the alliance cap..
    The design and original plan was to filter down from the start. As you may recall we even had Evo... for some time. The thinning is 3/4 by design, 1/4 by leaving. It's not as bad as you think, and those that matter are staying so I guess what your effectivly saying is damn, why did they cut all the fat off and just make one lean, mean, murder machine?

    Anyways, the point was, and is that you will not get our oceans. You may tinkle off the boat when you pass by.. but that will be the only part of Bad Co that gets in our waters.

    You may want to take the next (SH) out of here.. :pro:
  10. I once had a pet chinchila that got a bit of mange... the poor thing had fur dropping off all over the place. Little blood caked clumps of it were on the floor, on the couch and in the fridge.

    He still cooked up well.

    The secret is frying with peanut oil...
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    Remember when they gave us a hard time about members going into VM???

    Right, well...I'm sure they were as valid for us as you'd like us to believe they are/will be for you.

    The point of my post was to illustrate the hypocricy of "Bad Company". You know...those three alliances currently bullying the underdog (us...cos you're really only fighting one 40 member branch).

    You guys have been pointing your fingers at us for months. Raking us over the coals for any perceived mistake. Calling us "Evil" and the like. Then...accusing us of spewing negativity and hatred in the forums. Puh-leeze.

    hypocrisy- the practice of professing standards, beliefs, etc., contrary to one's real character or actual behaviour, esp the pretence of virtue and piety

    All things considered...I think the shoe fits ;)

    And what do I have to share with you today? Do we have another hypocricy I can draw your attention to? I'll give you a hint: What was that you lot were saying about our members running into VM?

    Well...jokes on you Bad Co.! Veseli, the most recent Bad Co. member to be abandoned by his alliance in his time of need has hit the Vacation Mode button!

    You guys are a joke and I think I am going to enjoy the coming months as we expose your "Bad Company" for the frauds you actually are!

    :pro: and you've been served.
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    In reference to Herb's post...

    You forget you guys do 75% of the talking with 10% of the results in Iota. 2 months ago, your leadership came on grepoforum to complain "how hard" and "how much time-consuming" the game is when you're constantly being attacked. Boo hooo.

    Wow, Evolution managed to attack one player! Congratulations. That must have been a feat!

    Funny you left out the fact that the inactive KimZz somehow raised from the dead and hit the vacation mode. Wow, you guys seem to have supernatural powers to come back from the dead to go into hiding! Also, you left out gjcman, who is doing an excellent job of taking PappyDewCappy's inactive cities to regroup from the beating he took. You also forgot Valiant & GRIFF0013 who keep escaping using vacation mode.

    As for Veseli, great job y'all for tag-teaming a player that was 120k smaller than you! That shows you're number 1, right? Picking on a smaller player when you can't take just one city from CENOBITES? Or, why don't you try gabigabi? You don't because you kno you will fail, again.

    While Mr. 600k points loses 12 cities to players half his size, you don't even mention him? gjcman really saw how great your "support" is... its non-existent. And before you say he's "inactive", please explain how he has resurfaced from the dead to reclaim 5 inactive cities? You'll need to write a novel to explain the unexplainable.

    Soooo, in the last few weeks, you managed to attack one player and the opposition managed to take cities from half a dozen. Who has the better strategy?

    Both Evos have less than half the alliance cap due to attrition: leaving the game and leaving the alliance. Teddyoh, Kockie, Coloszeus, and countless more left the game. dragonfly, KIM, svete, ultras and others left your "wonderful" alliance. If that's all by design, you must be god.

    Your waters used to include Ocean 66. That is no longer. Your other oceans are next, so get used to the close quarters. And tell your comrades they better hide their colony ships and lightships a little better as they are easy BP.

    Your boat as already sailed... unfortunately you didn't get onboard xD
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    Hey Barbie. You can spin it any way you want. It's still just spin on the external forums. You and your little band of noobs can not and will not be able to bring it to OUR oceans.

    I told you this once before. You don't have the moxy to take us on. You don't even know what it is to fight us yet. We've only just started picking off your cities from the nubs you recruited in the core. And we'll keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it...until you are erased from O56.

    And then...we'll take back 66 or maybe even 57. We're not sure yet. But don't ever forget. WE decide where we go and what you're allowed to take.
  14. Since BBQ, you said I was long winded I had to live up to it.. enjoy the novel

    Say what you wish. Check the rankings. As hard and time consuming as it may be.. we're still on top.

    Thanks! We've been waiting for somebody to come in range.. as your message to me in game said only a fool would run such long travel times..

    I left that out because he went crazy and came back for some weird reason, didn't tell anybody and went back into VM. I would like to know myself why he did that and for his actions he has already been removed from Evo. You guys are better at finding the inactives then we are... you found this first. Good job.

    Ok.. and you guys take inactives even when your NOT recovering from a beating. I've taken some. Whats your point? GJC loves to play by himself and has reached 1mil BP already so he's doing something right. HE IS HAVING FUN. I think since he started this alliance I can count on ONE HAND how many times he has asked for support. He's just that damn good. Its not just you guys working on him either.. and you left that part out since we seem to be calling people for their omissions.. So A SINGLE PLAYER has held off 3 alliances for such a long time. Go GJC! Just wait until he regroups.. :)

    Ok.. we'll go two for two. Valiant + Griff for us.. LaBandola + Veseli for you. Done.

    292,928 Max points for GRIFF
    302,868 Max points for Veseli

    Do you see the theme here? Everything you accuse us of doing.. you do too. We just do it better. So.. why don't you try Jennesis? Or How many times have you failed on me? Until AAXC went to the hospital and left his doors wide open how many times did you fail on him? Anything you do we can do better.. except I guess colonizing your way up.. We can't match you there.

    As stated before GJC likes to do his own thing. He knew taking cities in that area would end like this eventually but look how long it lasted. He will do what he needs to do to keep winning.. Kinda what we do over here.

    And.. if you wanna be technical you guys didn't really have any part of that. That was the work of Little Brother.. those guys are pretty good, nothing bad to say about them. Syl took two cities. He's not that much smaller than GJC. And the rest wasnt you so you can't even begin to take credit for any of that.

    Based on grepostats RIGHT NOW over 14 days:
    JUST EVO..
    Gained: 117
    Lost: 68
    End Result: 49 more cities then we started with. And a bunch of the losses were AAXC anyway, we all know what happened there.

    Thats 1 less than the gains of the best total of a Bad Co alliance but in the end result we still came out on top.
    (Atlantic League got 50 - but they also lost 9.. and the others are worse)

    They couldn't take the heat so they left the kitchen. Remind me how this is causing any problems whatsoever?

    I don't know about that.. us wanting 66 and all.. Most of the original squad has 0 presence in that area. We've picked up some now but that never has been anything we've been working on. Why don't you tell the nice people when the last time we ran any sort of mission worth a crap in 66? Other than the city I took from Veseli right next to the city that syl has stacked with defense instead of sharing it with pool veseli..

    As you've said before this is game and we have lives. Sometimes we dont move stuff. We're offline. Oh well. It happens. Don't make me start posting reports of unescorted CSes or troops.. that was something you ACTUALLY did and was stupid, our only fault is we weren't online.

    You're damn right. I take jet skis

    UPDATE: I'm gonna back off on the forums for a bit. I think I've done my job and irritated or motivated some people. No point to keep saying the same stuff over and over... at least until we have some in game events that justify a post/reply.
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    Hi Debbie Downer! Great to see you still grace the forums anytime your members can't talk their way out of a mess.

    What world do you live in? We have been taking you on. You don't have the cubes to respond in fear of another failure like attacking CENO. So you continue to attack only who you've been successful against. And yet you continue to say we haven't seen anything yet. Honey, if you haven't sent your attacks yet, you won't have enough players at your disposal to participate if you wait any longer. It's a war game and you haven't sent any real attacks to your enemies? What kind of general are you? Must be the SimCity general.

    You decide only what lies you choose spread in the forums. The rest of the 4,000 players decide your future.
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    When? When have you or ANY of Bad Company ever taken me on? Don't give me that crap. Check my stats water boy.

    You guys are too chicken poop to even make a real attempt on me. Pathetic.

    Like I said before. I don't have anything to prove to you pretty in pink Barbie. If you ever manage to get anywhere I want to be maybe we'll talk, but I've seen your stats and the only thing YOUR good at is having little melt downs and taking credit for what others do when you yourself fail over and over and over.

    Pfft. Herbal is right. No sense going over this again. Do something worthwhile and make yourselves worth our time.
  17. BBCue

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    You, you, you. It's always about you, not your alliance. Who cares about how many ronaldb, KimZz, etc. cities you've taken in your long list of stats? Yes, you can beat us to your own "inactives", congratulations!

    You hide behind your stats, your points, your alliance because you know you just aren't that good to take anyone your own size on. Hell, you don't even take on players like me, half your size. Actually, when was the last time your alliance took on a player the same size as your players? Oh, right, ladyjane., the new #1 player in the world. And you're still ranked #39? Why don't you go one on one with her? Right, you've already tried that and failed.

    You haven't ventured south like you said you would. A long time ago I remember you said you'd meet us in North O66. Well, I'm in O65 and I haven't felt an attack yet. You're just writing checks you can't cash. It will be a cold day if you actually make it into O67.

    btw, every message you write, including the last one, wreaks of desperation. since you can't back up your mouth with your fist, why don't you try putting your fist in your mouth and doing us all a favor?
  18. Jennesis

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    Actually, I'm all about my team. Any one of them will tell you that. In fact...I'd much prefer it if you come try to tickle me than going after one of them. I'm like a momma bear that way.

    Really...I'm just reminding you that you're like chickenhawk shouting at foghorn. I think chickenhawk was scarier than you though...

    I told you before. I don't want to be in 67. There's nothing but noobs like you out there. We already went over this. By Christmas members of Evo, myself included, have done more than you in your entire time on Iota. I have nothing to prove to you. Not one dang thing.

    And ah...if I wanted to restrict myself to conquering ghost towns, maxing out my cities and giving up precious free pop I could be #1 in points. I don't care to. I'd rather spend my time pwning your noob alliance's butt outta O56.

    Really don't remember that. I've got no sights on that. No interest in you or rimming it up in the O67 sticks with you. You're not even one of the big players you say I should be attacking so...bugger off little buddy.

    Are you suggesting I inflict real violence upon myself? tsk tsk Barbie...that's just not nice and I think it crosses the line just a wee bit.
  19. No it actually about my alliance. I have said many times I could not have done things that I have without them. You apparently can't read very well. I was actually saying YOU guys are better at taking our inactives. Each time we get them second. You always find them first. We're just better at taking stuff so our result comes out better. Thats all.

    LOL I have never attacked Lady Jane. Ask her. And to add to that she's in VM thank you very much. And to answer your question.. The last time we took somebody our size? Easy.. the last time somebody our size was in reach with more than one city. We're not stupid enough to attack the first city in reach of your larger players because its just stacked. Bring some players up here and we'll sit them back down.

    ? I have 3 cities that can throw rocks to 57 (pretty far south) and at least 4-5 below middle 56. The fact that you took the WAY SIDE ROUTE way out east in 66 doesnt show that I didn't move south, it means you stayed out of the way watching from the sidelines because you couldn't come up head to head with us.

    That was rude. <<Edited by Herb - removed rude comment about having something else in someone elses mouth>> At least syl can manage to talk smack without acting like a 12 year old and throwing insults that are not related to the game. You can't even do that right. I just want to motivate people to keep attacking us.. otherwise you end up in turtle mode again and people start quitting out of boredom. Don't need to prove anything, just like showing you how far from reality things are way out on the rim. It amuses me at least, and thats all that really matters.
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    Reference Jennesis...

    You really don't want me to come tickle you, you won't stop laughing til you pee yourself :D

    You don't need to prove anything unless you feel you need to. I have my opinion and you have yours. But if you continue to feel insecure in your skin and need to continue to explain, please, feel free to take out your pent frustration on me.

    You have taken cities from one player, who is still around and gaining new cities. You have failed miserably against the others. O56 is hardly lost considering you've actually had overwhelming control of it until just the past few months.

    If you'd like me to "bugger off", you'll just have to make me go away. I'm a few islands to your east.

    I said apply the hand to the mouth to stop it from making unpleasant auditory noises. If that causes you bodily harm, you're not doing it right! :heh:
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