10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war ;)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrincessLozza, May 22, 2011.

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    Bring it. C'mon and get me. I dare you.

    You say we've failed miserably? At least we show up to the party.

    You really are funny. Any 1/2 intelligent person and the ability to use grepostats who knows about how to play this game can see through your BS.

    You really think you can take us after your single page of internal conquers and ABP that would be much higher if you'd just build some LS? All of you...it's the same story. Big mouth out here...little ahem in there.

    You're so outta your league you have to resort to saying "shut up and put a fist in your mouth". That's desperation little man.
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    No, I double-dare you to come and get me!

    LOL Only 12-yr-olds play with barbies and dare others... seems like you fit the bill girl. And only little kids play one-on-one battles like you keep wanting to do. Why don't you play patty-cake with someone in your alliance instead of wasting our time?

    Go hide behind your stats, points and whatever polls you want. Go "fishing" again, no one missed you the first time. No one wants to be in your league as there's only room for you, yourself, and Irene in it. And go get a glass of water, I think your mouth is a little dry.
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    I already told you I'm not interested in you. Remember who brought this war on? I believe it was you guys. Gonna get the big bad Evil Empire from the other side of the world. I believe that's what you wanted.

    Listen...just cos you want play with the big kids doesn't mean they want to play with you. I'm not playing with Barbies...I'm comparing you to one. Plastic, phony, and not in the slightest bit interesting to me.

    So...if you want to show me what you got...C'mon! Cos I'm not coming to you. I don't care about you, and I'm not gonna adjust my plans to go on some 1/2 cocked mission against a guy that's simming it up out in the South40. It's not going to happen.

    So if you really want to continue this you're gonna have to come to my hood. And by my hood...I mean where me and the rest of Evolution lives. If that's not something you want to do I really don't care. Go ahead and keep playing with yourself...cos posting on the forums isn't getting you any closer to taking us down...and it isn't improving your game.

    You know...you seem a little thick, and you're posts are a little emotional, but you do make me giggle.
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    you guys got that too deep.

    where you live, Jen?
    holy frikin "merde alors", help me with t whole fe stivals to bring up.
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    Response to Jenn:

    I could care less about you either. Yet you continue to try to make yourself relevant in these forums. And continue to bicker with me and add these nonsense topics.

    Who brought this war on? Evolution. Evo gave Merc98 refuge. Evo threatened our players with destruction if they didn't join them (kinda backfired LOL). Evo invaded Ocean 67. And the list continues...

    But then again, you must not know any of those circumstances. Can't listen while you're constantly yammering. Merc98 & Kockie are long gone now, but you guys fill their shoes perfectly.

    I can see this thread ain't going anywhere, just like the rest of the Bad Co this and Bad Co that threads you guys insist on boring everyone with. Go sulk in a pint of ice cream, not in the grepoforum. Spare us your drama.
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  7. Would like to know who said this to who, thats not really our style and hasn't been for a REALLY long time.. We don't force people in.

    I agree with you there. Another forum thread turned into EVO said this, Bad Co said this. Prolly my fault :)
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    LMFAO!! Ooooh , Ooooh, I Would LOVE to see that! Your incompetence shines with that statement. A: You just contradicted Miss Lozza's remark last week on "How you all decided to give us that Ocean"(Yet your still fighting tooth and nail there.) And B. Lets be CLEAR. You will NEVER EVER EVER take OC 57. NOT EVEN CLOSE. That is Our OC and will always Be. Just as OC 66 is Now Our Ocean and were eliminating the leftovers... ::Snickers Vehemently::

    P.s. I've been meaning to say this for quite some time now about BBCue; He may not attack much like JEnna keeps on with her hyperbolic statements over, and over again(If you dont know what that big word means Jenna, please feel free to reference it using Google. Bing Kinda sucks as a search engine.) BUT, What you fail to realize is he is a TREMENDOUS Leader behind the scenes and an incredible General. We all have Roles in Bad Company, And his in my Opinion is one of the Most important. The One behind the scenes planning and co-ordinating with the rest of BAD company Leaders and co leaders. I mean, My Gawd if you could see the amount of time he puts into just ONE OP (Which always accomplishes its mission), The Detailed maps, The statistical analysis on a weekly basis. Then yea, your right...His stats may not show it, but I'll be Damned if you all continue to talk smack about one of the best, most dedicated players and strategists in this game. Nuff SAID.
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    wow, now 1007 slow +300 fast
    you surely no turtles out there.
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    herballyenhanced you talking about we took cities from inactive players just check the stats again lb took more than a dozen cities from gjcman one of the most active player evo has...
    as you are reading check out the cities griff is loosing and mykem has fallen already that shows who is taking inactive cities.
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    You're in Little Brother. We're actually not talking about Little Brother at all here. Barbie brought up your success with GJCman claiming it as a Bad Co. accomplishment. You guys and GJCman have been dancing for a while now and he's been enjoying it. Even losing the cities...he knew it would happen eventually, so he's not too concerned about it.

    From what I've seen you guys are a pretty good group and that's been a good war. Nothing bad to say about you at all and those comments weren't directed at you guys.
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    Jenna, And who do you think We were working closely with and WHY we all were so successful on that OP? B/c we were working TOGETHER. ::Smacks Forehead:: It's okay, nothing but air up there. I get it. Well, at least "Your Sooooooooo Preeeetty!" (My favorite Blonde joke. Haha)
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    Yeah. I know. They asked you to coordinate and you took two cities GJCman with THEIR help.

    You certainly wouldn't have done it without their help.

    Go Little Brother. A coalition member, much like the now fallen TBE, deserving of a little praise for their efforts.
  14. XxSyLissxX

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    HEEELOO, Anyone Home up there!?

    ::Shakes Head:: Shall I spell it out for you? I mean really. We drew support here, they attacked there, (Which was the whole point of the OP) then drawing support back to their OC, And we attacked here. Little brother Kicks Major ***. I never said otherwise... Gawd Woman, A Titanium blade forged from the Gods could not even come close to the "Denseness" Of YOU. ::Goes out to finish cooking on his grill::
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    jennesis what do you want to suggest here.
    dont worry we will not fall before the evos and we know what we are doing and dont care what the others think out there.;)
  16. she's trying to suggest that bad co think that you guys are only still alive cos of them.. that you need them to hold yourselves up.. which isn't a great place to be tbh, tho luckily for you bad co are unlikely to last long enough to turn on you (which they would btw in the end) ;)

    It's a shame that chedog and shugs are no longer around to lead LB cos they would never have got them tied up with such an alliance, in fact I believe they went out of their way to avoid such a close friendship with bad co :p
  17. BBCue

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    ha, nice one PL! to suggest Bad Co thinks that the only reason LB is still alive is because of us is a complete farce. none of our actions have ever portrayed that, yet yours have always been in ways to undermine LB. like pacting with Illuminati in an attempt to eliminate Little Brother in January? don't you also forget that many of their members were former Doom Crew/Ultimate and have unfinished business with the Athenians?

    I know Chedog, since November. AKA, we chat on email. Shuggie is involved at times as well. Charles is a great guy and a legend in this side of the world... too bad you've never mentioned him. I know many of their members and have talked at various times in our history. We were working on our relations waaaay before you called yourselves "Evolution." We share a vested interest in SE Iota. We mutually support each other when we're under attack (by PM). We mutually share cities that may be more of a benefit of our allies. We are next door neighbors and would do anything for each other. To suggest we would turn on each other shows your total lack of understanding in rim relations. Also, you left out THE CIRCLE in this conversation, which is a mistake when it comes to LB/AL relations. Too many cross-lines relationships for that to ever change.

    See, all these alliances benefit from their autonomy: Little Brother, The Rebels, Delian League, etc. They don't feel the need to become the "Walmart of Iota" (Evolution) and lose their identity. The Target's and Kohl's do just fine and have more fun doing it.

    i think it becomes more and more apparent that the only reason Evo is still alive is because D12. D12 now holds all the cards in your future, when will they tire of you taking advantage of them? having them send support to help save your cities in O56? hello, they are too far away to send slow transports and briremes!!! fail. you should find someone within your own alliance willing to support your cities. oh, wait, they're on another vacation, right?
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    Athenians never battled Doom Crew? Never took dozens of their cities in O66/O76? And LB started war on you? Please pass me what you're smoking :)

    The new target would be whatever alliances would take in your inactives when you fractured. My guess our new target would be called The Chicken Coup, a conglomeration of Rooster's groupies. Actually, I may have to join that one instead LOL

    Right, because the only close friendships in Iota are within Evo, not within any other alliances. What's a shame is that you that you clearly frown on making new friends. You use the word "respect" so often, I'm not sure you know what it means. You don't care about earning respect, so why should we care if you respect us? You'd rather spend your time here making more enemies.

    You mean when your alliance joins our ranks? Correct? Half a dozen so far have joined from Evo and how many of our members have joined your alliance from BadCo? None.

    So what is your next tactic to use D12 to supplement your Ops? Are they going to be sending lightship nukes ahead of your attacks from O45/O46? Or restart that quake/bolt campaign that was meant to... um, not sure. Didn't you call that tactic noobish earlier on when we did it? So why are you asking D12 to do the same?

    Jenn, i think Lozza needs rescuing!

    Come on, your alliance has more skeletons in your closet that you don't want to fess up to, want me to keep airing them out for you or can we close this pointless thread?

    P.S. but seriously, Chicken Coup would be awesome :)
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    who is doing the insulting Lozza? read the thread title: 10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war. you started these insults and you've continued to jab. this thing was dead until you started again a few hrs ago.

    if you wanted to sincerely try to start a thread, do it like steven frostblood did just days ago. look at that thread, i replied and yet nothing was said bad about evo there. if you wanted to sincerely congratulate LB on great work the past weeks, months, etc., you could have opened a new thread. Yet here, you wanted to start spreading lies about how LB and Bad Co should go to war with each other. it's not even relevant to how "Bad Co won't win the war", but you insist in making the jab.

    i mean what's the point? there are 4,000 other players in grepolis to discuss, countless alliances, funny moments, sad moments, amazing records, stories, polls etc. that get pushed down the grepoforum for this banter. this thread isn't worth it's ounce in salt and neither was:
    Coalition vs Evo
    Jennesis - Excellent Player

    I'm going to now reply to DOA/Bust/etc. and hope that gets attention to familiarize ppl with alliances 13-24. If you want to waste your time here, be my guest. But I'm done correcting your lies (today).
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    As far as I know south O56 was not TDC or BADCO area first
    but it seems everyone accepts it is our area now
    so this means you lost many cities