10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war ;)

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  1. Welcome back from VM. Will have to say hello soon ;)

    And yes, TDC has done quite a good job in that little corner down there, except my cities. I think Roky got another one down there too? But other than that, Congrats on moving up. :)
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    Herb , you're becoming a nice person +rep

  3. shh don't tell him that lol he'll have to turn evil again ;)
  4. Herb's innocent by standards. lol
  5. If i well remember, that area wasn't really Evo either, it was forgotten - remembrance etc over there. you've done a good job recruiting and colonizing it...
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    I dont think we ever played a major role in the Core. We fought to hold onto what we had, but were not even close enough to being strong enough, or organized enough to hold off an assault. Alot of factors played into the fall of the Forgotten, I wont go into details, from my point of view anyway. But I do remember Evolution had always had a pretty strong hold there. But I dont remember much anouth the other alliances in the area. Not many of us remain from the "Original" Forgotten.
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    I never used these forums before; I'm not one for talking more for playing.
    so here goes.

    To answer BBCue's remarks
    The beating I took gave me over 170,000 defensive BP over 36 hours (most from LB not U or your alliance). just for the record, you have taken over 8 months to achieve the same.

    To answer XxSyLissxX's remarks
    In times of war, you have to make tough decisions. On what to keep and what to let go. You may have "taken" 2 cities off me during that time, but one has to decided did I defend them, plus you have on may occasions tried to take one of my cities BY YOURSELF, and failed every time. Even at one point sending a CS with 1, yes 1 LS, 1000+slingers and 250+ horses.

    To answer nightfire25's remarks
    I think the stats on your recent losses to me, says enough. I have taken 6 of yours; you have taken 1 of mine during the war


    To answer the criticisms of me.
    1. First player to reach 1,000,000 BP, in fact I now have over 20% more BP than anyone else
    2. This is a fighting game, you must attack good players to be attacked back...having high defensive BP is more important the attacking BP, because it shows that you are taking on good players.

    so let’s compare each other
    BBCue: cities:30 points: 258,131 BP: 192,992 - that an average BP Per city of 6433
    XxSyLissxX: cities:41 points: 484,082 BP: 308,746 - that an average BP Per city of 7530
    nightfire25: cities:28 points:302,611 BP: 220,000 - that an average BP Per city of 7853
    gjcMan: cities:56 points:698,410 BP: 1,208,721 - that an average BP Per city of 21,584

    (All figures correct at time of going to press)

    I think that’s it. Rebuttals please

  8. NICE GJC.. however, Bad Co doesn't understand stats. Been trying for months to tell them they are inferior, they just don't get it ;)

    Never done the math on your BP though, quite impressive..
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    Evolution never had a huge presence in South O56. We did have some cities down there shortly after the merge though.

    Went like this

    1. Evo was formed.
    2. War with what was left of LEGION.
    3. LEGION recruited some "The Black Guard" members...presumably to stay alive cos most of us went off to become Evolution.
    4. LG lost their war with Evo and disbanded.
    5. Evo took in members from the now disbanded LG. Those members included former TBG who were residing in South O56. To be honest...I don't think Roky knew that any of the "LG" members we were taking in were actually new recruits. I believe he thought they were mostly members who didn't originally move over with the rest of us.

    So, we now had cities in South O56...far from our core...and we couldn't protect them well. Apparently TBG was in a war with TDC when they were invited to LG so...Evo basically inherited that "problem". Most of the players that entered Evo through that route had a melt down and quit, ala Carden. Bad Co. capitalized on that and moved in on those cities. Who wouldn't.

    Several months later the frontline with the bulk of evo's players, both old and new, is now pretty well right up against Bad Co. There are now not too many other alliances with a strong presence in O56 and we're pushing against each other for territory with South O56/W66 the battle ground.

    Good times!
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    I hardly use the forum to. But on this I like to comment. Because this isn't completly true. I attack who ever I can the biggest of players and some good ones. Now here is the fun part I never get attacked back. Well seriously attacked that is. Some even pressed the delete account when I attack them. Not saying I'm good or anything but its just weird.

    So to sum it all up it also has to do a lot with location......... Not only if u attack good players.

    Desi (leader D12)
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    It might not be them, it could be u?

    "So to sum it all up it also has to do a lot with location......... Not only if u attack good players."
    I agree, but if you are in a bad location move!, go to where the fun is, that is why way back in Dec 10, I moved out of O56/O66 over to O75 where Little Brother are. I was at the time surrounded by friendlies. Now I couldn't be happier. You need to always look to moving to the front line, it can be hard, but thats fun too.

    If folk dont attack u back, then its not always their fault, go look for some one else to take on.

    Take a look at some LB players.
    ROBBOTHE GREAT - 17 cities ... 3,000 attacking BP.
    Frampton - 29 citeis..defensive BP (as of yesterday 0.yes (zero))
    and the best one
    wella - 21 cities...0 (zero) yes (Zero) attacking BP.
    some easy BP/city takes if you want them, knowing they will not attack back, but what would be the point!

    you need to compare the players rank in points, verus the players fighter rank..

    looking at LB again, good active players this time (dont tell them I said this)
    turnturn - player rank 159, attacking rank 120, overall rank 98
    cyberski - player rank 113, attacking rank 88, overall rank 55
    CharlestheGrinningBoy - player rank 73, attacking rank 82, overall rank 81

    Frampton - player rank 186, attacking rank 409, overall rank 649

    do u see what I mean now.

    (always available to give advise) lol
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  12. TBF I've never met anyone with the ability to annoy so many players as Gjc does ;) He's prolly one of the few people who's DBP ranking is as on a level with his ABP ranking lol
  13. Oh I thought you had already.. I didn't think you were into stacking ;)
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    In all the excitement I hadn't realized u had take that many from me. I didn't recognized your achievements, sorry about that, but now that I know.....
    as regards the number of attacks, I was up 170.000 in 36 hours, (which occurding to your stats, is more then u have after 8 months)
    I was using grepostats to keep an eye on the cities losses/gains.

    meet u in a city of yours soon, or maybe 1 I used to own.
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    Hell what u all complaining about?!?!????

    U even get fights everyone we pick on goes into mass VM......
    Have a look at Black Pearl. 1 OP and massive VM. First they ganging up on some off our members we retaliate and they go on vacation. How nice..... heheheheheee
  16. Lol Des.. we just like complaining, yet actually we all love our war.. and even tho we both wanna win, it'll be sad to think we might have to go back to wars like your one with BP.

    oh p.s. my BP didn't go into vm ;)
  17. Sorry... double post.. but Randomnut ghosted!:eek:

    I'm shocked, very shocked
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    massive blow for LB

    Does anyone know why he restarted in OC 47
  19. yeah it will be. Random was LB's best player. All I know is that Random had a load of cities in revolt and around 200 attacks on him from Evo and all of a sudden he ghosted. I would have thought he was a stay til the end kinda guy tbf.
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    I would not say I was there best player, just one of LB's more active players.
    (seen by statistic's or not, anyone who only uses one source for information is asking to be hoodwinked, anyone using to many sources is asking to be a snail or just conflicted).

    Problem was I have been putting my life on hold for too long now, and have sacrificed to much time to the point of almost no return.
    (never did learn to pace myself and don't have the means or stability to sustain an interactive full time / part time hobby which this has been my first and last for a while yet).

    That and having no vacation time left (after loosing it all in one hit), otherwise I would have weathered the storm lost maybe 2 cities and hit vacation after the dust had settled, to concentrate on surviving in the realer world.

    My apologies to both LB & evolution. & .. for any disruption or reduced enjoyment this may have caused.

    Will try and make some time to get out an in part alliance/personal journey history, for the history thread at a later date (no promises).
    (Also will not be covering LB history for ethical reasons and will try to keep name drops out of it, for if it is not written then nothing been confirmed or disputed).:pro: