10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war ;)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrincessLozza, May 22, 2011.

  1. QCI TCG

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    Im sorry you had to go randomnut like so many before you RL has forced you to leave. I am lucky enough that RL changed for me so i could return, hopefully the same will be for you i know you will miss us all even evo players will say its better to have a good enemy to take on rather than a newbie.

    good luck un RL
  2. iCyber

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    Jan 8, 2011
    Well I won't be reading through 9 pages worth of posts but I think we can now add an 11th reason as to why bad Co won't win.

    I'm here with Evo now :D
  3. LaBandolera

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    A rightful reason we , bad company, have a chance to rim you out of O56 as well lol
    Joining the biggest alliance, doesn't require much courage, you feed on the efforts of other in that strong alliance
  4. Bad Co won't win the war cuz:

    -Evo is evil
    -Evo cheats
    -Evo this
    -Evo that

    Bad Co is gonna quit and blame it on me or another one of evo's members not having proper manners, using bad punctuation, attacking on a sunday.. or something to that effect.. Or maybe some will continue breaking the rules and getting mad about getting caught.. and then quitting. Some may even stay to spam a bit.. then they will quit too..

    I guess if they were winning the fight they would stay around and play now wouldn't they... :eek:
  5. iCyber

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    Jan 8, 2011
    Good luck ;)!
    Just to get you all encouraged and stuff, thought I would brag:

    "I have never lost a city" ;)

    True joining the biggest alliance require's little courage, it does however require a basic knowledge of how to play the game and basic skills, something which apparently I seem to have and well, you don't?
  6. QCI TCG

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    well apart from that one drunken evo night were you lost the key to the city then found it in roosters hen house next again day. :p

    Actually joining the biggest most agressive alliance in iota does require courage last thing anyone wants is find out that cant hack it in the number one alliance, having been there myself i can say that it's not everyone's cup of tea it's the difference from being hardcore and playing to pass time.

    Athough i must say evo are not as stricked as they used to be but what the hell its summer time and even the hardcore need to get the swim suits out nwo and then ;)
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    Evo definitely plays full on. We didn't really have much choice but to be hardcore though. I wasn't giving those "come to jesus" up your game or you'll be knocked out speeches because I'm a big ol' meanie. I gave them cos I wanted you guys to A) keep your cities (cos we couldn't just park def) and B) be able to effectively fight an alliance's like Bad Co. (who have lots of def and do park it).

    sidebar: the last two conquers I lost to TDC were snipes so...WTG on those. It'll just keep me from getting too lazy with that gap before the CS ;)

    In the end, the guys that didn't melt down and quit and read the guides and absorbed the tips etc. that we were putting out there are doing great and seem to be having fun so...I'm happy about that.
  8. QCI TCG

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    i wasn't trying to say you were a meanie more evo is a very active/agressive alliance its why evo is number one. However there is a lot of people out there think its easy to slip into a powerful alliance and ride the wave.

    Everyone pulls there weight in evo and they think they can do other wise then evo is not the place for them.

    Side note i like the meanie in you very good, but very bad things happen when your pivved off :p
  9. LaBandolera

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    But dear Herby, where did I accuse you of cheating? You take everything a bit out of perspective here. Better get your original style back, it suits you better :p

    And icyber, no problem, you probably have some skills and we wait to discover them very soon. If the battle however is being fought based on the number of inactives that can be replaced efficiently, it will be evolution that wins for sure. Pardon our frustration concerning this issue.
    Now don't let me ever have claimed that this would be the only reason. You quite have some attack skills and alliance management capacities, beyond doubt. I just didn't like your pr strategy much, hence the comparison to the dark side. I prefer the positive style of healthy competition more than the bragging thing. But that's a question of style I guess.

    And btw I love that new sig of yours, it makes my head spin :D
  10. LaBandolera

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    and by the way, I pm'ed you about this, so don't act like you fell out of a tree ;)
  11. iCyber

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    Jan 8, 2011
    Must be an imaginary city because I have no idea what you are talking about ;)
  12. the one that's not yours lol
  13. QCI TCG

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    thats drink for you
  14. It wasn't just me, it was all the mods in general. Surely you didn't forget about that already.
  15. LaBandolera

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    I dont believe to have used that word before, maybe you confound me with someone else, I just pointed to the fact there is a concentration of mods in an alliance which has a number of legal advantages. That's not called cheating imo
  16. Atticus X

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    Oct 12, 2010
    Being a mod was way less useful then the information you provided us, hell I would have not known that gabi or CENO or zabela100 were inactive if it werent for the information you provided, or when and were the LSB strike were comig from and to...so I think when it comes to advantages, being a mod is a lot less useful then you would think and it's far better to have the info from the 'other side' as it were,

    Anyway, good luck brother, and thanks for everything. If you get the new account let me know
  17. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    Hey Katergaris,
    Nice to see you in the forums again.
    Well, I don’t know why you put these words in my mouth. First of all, I don’t know if they are true. I don’t see Gabi nor Ceno leaving. So why do you say this and second, if you try to put such kind of speculations in my mouth I demand you paste here a genuine copy of the conversation from me to you/or any other golden moderator where I would have said such nonsenses? Like I would give information on people quitting to the opponent?

    If you’re unable, maybe it’s better that you , indeed, stay away from the fora in order to keep some dignity and credibility you were gathering again after your Black Fleet got kicked out of Iota and you gave up.
    I know its easy to kick people on their way out and accusing them of treason. Didn’t expect that of you. I believed the society you were living in is more honourable than the earth you fell on. Specially since I left the game and it’s not necessary anymore to try to damage my reputation. I’m quite sure anyone in my former alliances know that it would be the last thing I would do.

    Bye bye Kat

    PS: you finally got one of my cities, well done… have a beer on me ☺
    PPS: regarding new account, maybe I apply first for a formal function on this platform, so I meet the inclusion criteria to join your alliance ;)
  18. Atticus X

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    Oct 12, 2010
    Hey man, sorry I didn't realize you cared if anyone knew about that crap now that your gone, my apologies, we can ask the mod to delete the posts if you like, you just KNOW they will do it if someone from Evo asked them too....

    When you told us about Zabela100 having omputer problems and not being able to log on, was that just idle banter and not intended to 'inform' us of anything?

    When Ceno got banned again was that not you that told us abotu the fact he was also on vacation and wouldnt be on till a week later anyway to be able to do anything about it?

    When gabi made her/his decision to leave, wasn;t it you who mentioned offhandedly that while you and gabi were both leaving it would become clear to us soon who our spy in Evo was? and yo uwere gonna let me know that subsequently? Or did I just misunderstand all that information that we acted on as just 'slips' in conversations ?

    Keep up the charade bud, all the way to Ethiopia
  19. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    I did say that when cities got conquered. And I added he would be back the next 12 hours (which he maybe didn't) in the hope you would seize your vulture strategy. So if you say something, say it complete (look it up lozza).

    I told the moderators this, while I suggested them the banned person was unable to appeal to a ban while in vm. I did mention it to lozza (being a mod herself) , but I actually don't see what the problem is, telling something you can check for yourself. What point are you trying to make here?

    Again, I'd like to see where and to who I would have 'slipped' such a thing.

    It's very funny, I imagine you, Lozza and some others on skype together looking through all of my conversations where you can find anything you use, really LOL!

    People get a life , I already left the game :)
    I wrote this piece of text to say goodbye (that's the opposite of 'hello')

    bye Miss kathy
  20. Atticus X

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    Oct 12, 2010
    Yet, here you are...posting in a forum about a game you no longer play. Go figure.

    There is no longer a point for you to try to defend what little rhyme or reason you had for continually playing your 'friends' vices into our hands at their expense. How beautiful it is to have a spy who either doesn't admit it, or doesn't even fully realize they were a spy.

    I wouldn't have known any of those things had you not informed us of them, and all the time you and your group are probably looking for some spy that Evo had, when in fact our best source of information was you. Heck I don't know what we're gonna do now...that you're GONE...oh wait...you're not actually gone yet, you're still here...posting, about the game you no longer play...because...you have a 'life'.