10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war ;)

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  1. Are you still here? :p
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    Be careful, I'm still getting that +55 cities account right in the center of evo-land, better get an insurance against collapsing roofs as my cats are in perfect shape.
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    You should agree on what you're gonna call me Kathy. This message is already outdated (cfr other forum). Why am I still around, maybe because you're allowed back to post on a forum maybe? Can I help it you finally start talking? Oh yeah, did you know Syl's favourite dish is Swedish meatballs with blueberries? And that gabi's favorite flowers are Phlomis lantana sp.
    And Manu's favorite drink is hot chocolate with stroh rum.
  4. careful? I don't care if you get a 100+ city account to be quite honest. Also how sad! you can't get your own 50+ city account that you have to take someone elses :p so much for quitting and a big bye, bye thread...

    The only reason I'd take another account is if I'd quit and wanted to come back... I'm really not into the whole upgrade and acct option lol A rubbish player will still be rubbish in a big acct.. not that I'm suggesting you are rubbish ofc ;)

    When you take the 50 city account will you be taking leadership duty on? cos that will be great.. we'd love to get intel right from the heart of bad co ;) oh having you as leader will be great too, how to kill an alliance in one easy step lol

    Forget my 10 reason for not winning the war.. you just need 1.. Put LaB in charge haha!
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    I just happen to notice your mouth wasn't half that big when I still had troops lol. Well, fair enough, I should start leaving this all behind. But it seems you guys just can't let me go... just ignore me lol
  6. No you're right, i kept my mouth shut but trying to set up angels and rooster as spies kinda pushed me into saying something tbh
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    So you will be the fall of Bad Company...? I thought you were honestly leaving. All these threads of you trying to pit Evo members against eachother and stating how you have lost interest in the game because "Evo has a bunch of mods" or "Evo recruits everyone around them" or "Evo holds a pact with the biggest contenders," for what?

    People on your side get caught cheating, and you blame Evo. You claim to be leaving the game because "Evo made it boring." Yet, you're just upgrading to a different account to lose those cities to Evo...

    Lozza was wrong, you're way better than a spy. You're like a club promoter that works for free and gives out free cities as an incentive. If you're going to play the game, then play it for what it is. Stop being such a drama queen. I used to have respect for you, until you started posting a bunch of nonsense on the public forums... I remember you telling me in a PM, "Drama is fun in my opinion." Well, :pro: and the war part of the game is fun, not the snake part.

    The number 1 reason Bad Company won't win this war is... There aren't enough biremes in Iota to sustain the attacks. It's that simple.
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    Well I don't have any beef with you, so I don't understand you want to pop up here and speak of things you don't know about. You're miles away from O56. So what is your point. Aren't you one of those guys that abandoned his alliance to join the opponent? How is that called according to your dictionary?

    Since when do evo's trophies start bragging on this forum as well lol
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  9. Says the guy who left the hive when he was most needed to join an alliance who under his leadership declared war on all the ex-hive players lol or the guy who once again left bad co when they are having serious trouble no doubt to return later in a different alliance ;-)
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    Yeah...you know what LaB...you should really consider your own actions before you start posting your garbage.

    I'm not even gonna reiterate all the BS you've put forth over these past months but you are not an honorable player so you should probably just crawl back to the hole you came from cos you have absolutely NO business calling anyone on anything.

    And...BTW. If you're gonna eat steak...you should really remove the "meat is murder" sticker from your car.

    But...I'm guessing you won't understand what I mean by that so carry on cos the more you speak the deeper is the hole you dig yourself.
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    Jan 8, 2011
    Haven't you quit? So why are you still here? ;)

    It's called receiving a better offer and taking up that opportunity which offers a much brighter future ;), like working for a firm, receiving an offer from one of it's biggest rivals in the industry offering you double the pay and a beach front villa at their expense, I don't know about you but only a fool doesn't take up that kind of offer ;)!

    Given Evo's superiority, I would say bragging is nothing less than a given right ;) Ice is simply using these rights as he is well entitled too :)! When bad co start owning Evo they can brag all they want and we won't be able to say a thing. (don't hold your breath on that happening though)
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    I'm gone, don't worry, I only respond when someone is so bored he/she is addressing me. My mommy learned me to respond in all kindness when someone is talking to me.

    I guess your reasoning is valid when you talk of a 'squeeze out' when the last 5% of the stocks remain.
  13. I admire Iceblade for joining Evo. His alliance was suffering from inactive players so instead of giving up and quitting, like some, he moved with his friends in order to continue to enjoy the game. It takes some guts to do that and put up with people's flack on the forums which is completely undeserved.
    And well it's just a game :p and moving alliances really ain't a big deal IMO
  14. I did say before would be nice to point this out later on.

    Black text is my original:

    Bad Co seem to think they will win their war against Evo. Here is a list of reasons why not.. plus some other secret reasons I won't disclose yet.

    1. Bad Co is only hitting a small section of Evo. We cover about 10 oceans, they are hitting one front. so 8 or 9 oceans have players that know nothing about bad co.

    they aren't hitting at all now and not for a few weeks.

    2. Evo is spread all the the way to O44 and O53.. how long would it take for Bad Co to take all those oceans?

    A very long time since they couldn't even get a hold of 56.
    3. TBE are almost dead now and this certainly doesn't do Bad co any favours, 1 less war to war about

    Unfortunatly TBE did die. but we're glad to have some new members.

    4. We broke off from hitting bad co and allowed them to move into 66.. It still took em 3 months to take 66 (handed to them) and most of this was done by recruting turtles there... 10 oceans to go, even if they take 3 months per ocean that is 2 and a half years!

    It's just AL there in 66 and mainly ghost hunters. AL have never hit evo alone and have not really been up to much since then other than hit a few evo players that are quite far out.

    5. Most of Evo's players have been here since August 2010, now while I'm sure we'll still lose some players to RL that is to be expected, Bad Co will soon shed loads due to it being that natural time when players leave. Evo is mainly die-hards now

    ooh spot on.. they shed loads including their leaders :p

    6. We are still top. We've been here in one form or another since the start of the world. Many have tried and failed to knock us off the top. 8 top 12 alliances haven't been able to stop us so why would Bad Co.

    oops still top and ooh where are those 8 now!
    LB - ranked 6th dropped from 4th
    TDC - ranked 8th dropped from 4th
    SL - gone somewhere, I think they did get into the top 12 at some point.
    AL - hanging around due to taking inactives but not much going off in terms of attacking evo.

    7 .Evo are smarter lol Bad Co took the bait, moved into 66 as planned and now they continue to do as we want them to do

    Yep here we go, lots of comments were made about this. We took a strategic decision to leave 66 and this paid off. Some of Evo thought Jen and I were mad to suggest leaving an ocean like we did, but it allowed us to build up and push back at bad co. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take a step foward and for this we ensured that Evo could continue and could win the war.

    8. Bad Co have been recruiting turtles, players we know aren't good enough and players we know as soon as we hit em will be screaming all over their forums and hitting vm. We know this cos they did that in Evo lol

    erm should I list em ;)

    9. Bad Co are turning into a massive MRA.. (I use the term MRA because they are recruting any player in our oceans regardless of their skill) Atm they have been a successful MRA, but I was in a very successful MRA and they can work for some time, especially with active and committed leaders, but it can only last for so long.. before the bubble bursts..

    hmm active and committed leaders.. where did it all go wrong ;)

    10. They don't have the quality of players Evo does, at the risk of sounding big headed, but check the top ABP players, see while there's some on the frontlines, if they were ever lucky enough to win them, they hit a whole load of different top players next. Bad Co have maybe 5 top quality players that I would consider having in Evo.. not helped by a lot of their players being ex-evo/athenians/legion

    This was always their downfall I'm affraid. They had volume and it worked but there has been a real lack of skill. No-one in bad co seems to have addressed the fact that they send transports with little or no LS, or that they time their attacks badly e.g. the same person sending troops before ls waves and Sending biremes to attack.. despite Evo pointing these out these pretty basic skills are still lacking.

    p.s. I'd love for Bad co to wake up again.. cos it's gonna get really boring again soon if they don't.. take the bait, sort yourselves our and come prove you still have something worth fighing for please! - I'm serious.. this war was been the most fun we've had in ages and it'll be sad if you don't.

    Syl - you've not posted in some time! Can't you sort TDC out?
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    I just don't like the way you played the game is all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, are they not?

    And I did not abandon my alliance, so practice what you preach and don't speak about things you do not know about. The rest of the active members were well aware of my intentions before I departed the alliance I helped create.

    As for bragging, I'm pretty sure I have the right to. I've moved from O63/64 to O75 and have taken 5 of LBs cities with no retaliation sent my way, and I have the ABP to show for it. That's MY trophy.

    It was nice having you. :pro:
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    Oct 12, 2010

    I've told you before that it bothers me when you leave off a sentence half finished....

    where is the '...as my bee-atch' at the end there? ;-p
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    Mar 22, 2011

    maybe the time has come for your wish to come true;)
  18. Eh.. I think I have heard that before.. Bad Co is alive.. Bad Co is gonna beat us up.. Bad Co has shiny new bikes with motorcycle sounds. :eek:

    I would like to see it for once :pro:

    You guys have done decent before, lets see whatcha got now oh sleeping dragon :)
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    comatose dargon more like. Drunk on inactivity
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    Mar 22, 2011
    haha, you all funny dudes, you all make me laugh:) me like;)