10 reasons why Bad Co won't win the war ;)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrincessLozza, May 22, 2011.

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    No, but you can if you like. Can you think of 10 reasons why TDC would win the war? No? not surprised. Besides...that war was won a long time ago. We're just hostile neighbors now. Only...instead of throwing our dog droppings into your yard to let you know how we feel...we send LS nukes and slinger pies.
  2. That war is over tbf SL are much more fun ;) TDC are just bp farms now
  3. LaBandolera

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    So I notice a farm took over one of Jen's cities?

    I think less black-and-white might do some good ;)
  4. Jennesis

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    Wong has always been offensive. I did say that with a few exceptions TDC are farmers/turtles/sim players/what have you...or did you miss that bit? I know....grey is hard for you black and white viewers of the world to catch. I imagine it's also more fun to simply focus on anything negative and drum that up. Right? right.

    Don't you have some uber important world changing proposal you should be working on? That RL thing that kept you from sticking around to help finish some of the poop you started? Oh wait...my bad...you said a few posts ago that you knew you'd be rimmed so ran off like a yellow bellied coward (kinda like that barbie character who looks to have quit). Yet...you're here...still.

    In any event...I was out during the crucial time for being able to mount a decent defense and wong mounted a decent offense. That coupled with a lead time on me of about 6 hours and a day when many of us, myself included, were out and about meant "not a lot of time to move in support" and "no one around for a snipe".

    So...decent offense + mounting it at a really bad time for me = wong conquered my city.

    It's OK. I'm still up on wong by two and TDC/Bad Co. by some largish number that I've lost count of.
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    You can spare me the rant Jen. You loose some and you win some, is what you want to say it seems. I merely responded to previous posts that TDC were only farmers (didn't see the line "except for a few") and ask for some more balanced reporting maybe ;)

    No need to involve other aspects about... poop etc
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    Balanced? I'm not a reporter or a news station. Barbie was little more than a reporter...and he was hardly "balanced" so you can take your request and shove it. I'll post whatever I want. At least it isn't blatant lies ;)
  7. At least she still plays here to have an opinion. What are yours based on LaB? grepostats? How can anyone who doesn't even play be able to say that someone who has never quit and involved in the world everyday has less of a say than someone who quit twice.

    Do you not have friends somewhere? cos all you seem to do is come here and talk to people who don't like you.. it's not like your old alliance even talk to you here.. very odd if you ask me :p
  8. EnasEllinas

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    Well gotta give TDC some credit they are showing some signs of life...

    Those losses will be turned around soon I presume, but if I were in UNT's shoes I would give them a nod or a tip of the hat for this round.
  9. Jennesis

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    Honestly enas...it was one city. The spread on the attacks for clearance was 10 minutes. The attacks were OK actually, but would have been easily sniped had anyone been around. The CS had 18 LS with it, and a 30 second gap. Best I can say for them is they had better timing than I'm used to seeing from them and the attacks didn't totally suck.

    The best part of it, and the reason I won't be nodding or tipping my hat: It was an offense city with no stationed defenses. It was a city that they attacked after it had been out pillaging and burning so it was a bit depleted.

    Took them 3 attacks to get me into revolt. Same with another city that they managed to get into revolt but never made a go for. How many attacks would you have needed to clear a 100% offense city?

    So...they won that city fair and square but it wasn't exactly an "OMG look how good TDC has become moment" or anything.
  10. EnasEllinas

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    You mis-understood me Jenn, I was not refering to your city being taken. I was actually refering to their I guess OP this weekend. They got 2 from aaxc and 1 from Finglas.

    Now I a not sure if they are active or not, cuz I am an outsider looking in.

    The way they got your city seems like happen-stance and luck.

    Like right now I have a siege on Charles' city. I have 44 clearing waves for the CS all Bombs. I am not sure I am going to get it because they are known for D troops. We will see in less than 2 hours.

    To answer your question an O city would have been cleared with 1 attack 2 if you count my LS escort.
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  11. LaBandolera

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    I was actually referring to the same observation E, but it seems I am not entitled to speak anymore :) ..... and *snif* I only intend to do good
  12. and here I was thinking your intention was to annoy us ;)
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    so your calling use turtles?
  14. mmunite

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    i like turtles. They like grass, i'm sure if you put some grass around your cities they'll come and visit now and then ;)

    sorry couldn't help myself !
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    Well, if you are known for building defensive troops then yes, you are turtles.

    Off topic much?
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    not really mate, i'm making a funny joke that goes into this topic about turtles

    (at least i found it funny ;)
  17. LaBandolera

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    I'm trying to poke you a bit, you didn't get any ABP the last 7 days lozza! How were turtles defined= not attacking? come show some action :D