1st Gen Madness - Speed 3 CQ


Before reading any further, this is not a premade for the faint-hearted. Playing in this alliance is not going to be easy and success is far from guaranteed.

1st Gen Madness
This alliance will join the next SPEED 3 CONQUEST world.

There will be 20 places in this alliance no matter what the alliance the cap. Safety is often seen in numbers, but although this sometimes is the case, performance levels are often low. Once these 20 places are gone, no more recruitment will be done. There will be no re-shuffling of the roster and therefore, understandably, recruitment is very select. Only the very best will be given a place.

What we are looking for:

1. Experience - If you want a place here you must have played the long game on numerous occasions. You must know what it is like to manage multiple cities, e.g 20+, and use them to launch multiple attacks/defences. There is no room for error in what we will be doing, and the highest levels of play are expected.

2. Loyalty - If you join us, we expect total loyalty to this team. It will work in both directions, as once you are in, you are in for good. There will be no replacements, unless you go inactive, or a severe hinderance.
If you fit this criteria, send Icey Fire an application, and include stats, best performances, why you should be part of our team, and a couple stories to top it off.

Our Game

We will move slowly but steadily through this world, conquering one island at a time. We will attack anything and everything around, leaving no gaps. Further details of this will given to those who join.

We will have no pacts. If we needed help from more players then we would recruit them, but where's the fun in that when you can just take their cities. There will be large amounts of action, so be ready for a rough, but enjoyable, ride.

So if this sounds like fun to you, and you think you could be one of 20 players to play in this elite team, send me a message and get ready to play.


The exact name of my old acc I won't be stating on the public forums, but I can do if you send me a PM.

I first joined the game in around EN10, played a couple worlds to get the hang of the game. In EN24 Omega, I committed to the worled, led an alliance with a couple other players and we won that world. I personally reached around 80-90 cities and was in the top 10 attackers for that world. It was a speed 1 world and so I think it took well over a year to complete, so from that, and many other worlds, I know how to play the long game.

I have lead and played in a number of other worlds since then, winning a few more, (can't actually remember which worlds as it was a while ago. Took a break from the game about a year ago, but getting back into the swing of things now).

I certainly know every mistake there is to be made in the game, in terms of playing and in leadership as I've had far from constant success, but I can safely say I won't be making any of the mistakes again, and so I regard myself as a fairly experienced player when it comes down to it, but I'll leave that up to you guys to decide for yourselves.