2.99 Discussion Thread


The benefits of random item are extremely minimal. They are not worth taking over the 100 favor even if you knew what you were getting.

They need to be buffed significantly.


Yeah, I was just being nice. I don't like the new rewards. I do like how they shortened the days though, that is nice. But low amount of troops for 1 hour is not good. I wasted two days worth of rewards hoping to get something good and got nothing. I take the favor or resources now.

Back to topic though. Fix shared connection!! It's not that hard for you guys. Take 3 days...1 day to plan and 2 days to work out the code and then upload it right away. I guarantee if you work on fixing stuff we actually want fixed and making the game better instead of catering to gold users you would gain more players and with more players comes more gold users. I buy gold here and there but I hate when I do it. I get mad at myself for doing it but I do it to help my alliance mates and friends, not to get points like some people. I wouldn't be mad about it if you guys actually cared. I'd feel proud to support you guys, but right now I am just angry; angry because I know you don't care about me, only my money.