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  1. EnasEllinas

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    Let us see. I will add Phenom's warz here. Each respective alliance please post yours.

    Phenom is currently at war with:

    All Alliances building a World Wonder. (pretty much the whole server)

    Ok other Alliances post who you are war with :)
  2. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    TDC enemy

    And freedom
  3. scucko

    scucko Guest

    is any other alliance active on this forum?
  4. mmunite

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    yah course, yo reme do you even play in iota?

    freedom rocks :)
  5. scucko

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  6. cabz bii

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    *yawn* the wonders have made lota boring tbh it is one of the biggest mistakes innogames have made introducing them the fun just isnt there any more.
  7. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    I think what we (phenom) are doing is fun!!

    I say we spit in everyone's drink and call it a day LOL

    Unfortunately the world is dying out, and this FFA war tactic should have been impleented a long time ago.

    It was not and people got complacent and bored.

    Oh and it is not just Iota... it is all servers... all of them have WW.... so either it is a new game or we make it happen here.
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  8. Why don't you just agree to let 1 alliance take the WWs and get the hero worlds open as soon as they start? then you won't be bored ;)
  9. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    I am only on 1 server... because I am under the mind that ti is better to work hard for 1 thing than it is to work mediocre at many...

    I have not left Iota cuz I have put so much damn hard work into it... to give it up actually causes physical pain.
  10. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    i have felt like ghosting lota so many times but would miss loging in lol :p

    will be great once the hero worlds do open mind you.
  11. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    yes I play here,and freedom will be rocking soon enough:p,
    we gonner get you guys soon lol.
  12. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    I am with you there Enas,alot of us spent alot of time/work with this. iota is picking up to but I guess only for the bigger alliances.
    what can we do?
  13. najimur

    najimur Guest

    thats a good idea lozza. it just depends, who?
  14. let a really rubbish alliance take em :D
  15. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    ok so we let freedom take???
  16. apollo026

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  17. Lane

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  18. cabz bii

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    or we could do what we are doing on ETA and that is the top alliances all build 1 wonder t6hen the world wont end :)
  19. BDG2

    BDG2 Phrourach

    Jun 29, 2011
    I keep suggesting that. Nobody wants to hear it though.
  20. crusnicXIII

    crusnicXIII Guest

    haha who knows maybe CR will just take over:p