2012 Warz

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EnasEllinas, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    lmfaro ;)

    i meen seriousley i dont know what the rush is to kill our dear world :rolleyes:

    ah well time for me to have some last time fun on lota :)

    REDS i amcoming stack up wiuth breimms please (especially D12 )
  2. crusnicXIII

    crusnicXIII Guest

    If only the rest of Union Of Warlords had your enthusiasm...


    Iota will die anyway once the under 1000 players mark hits which will more then happen there at the rate it's players there are dropping close to 17-25 a day.
  4. mmunite

    mmunite Guest

    lol why does TDC hate us?
  5. sharkman8810

    sharkman8810 Guest

    Once the world is killed i doubt i will start in a new world. I didnt start to play to build, but to conquer.
  6. cabz bii

    cabz bii Guest

    to true mate all good things have to come to an end .unfortunatley.

    i am not in UOW crusnic lol i am in VALOR