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Dear Grepolis Players,

You are being given the opportunity to express your thoughts and concerns in the March 2016 idea polls. There are two different polls being run this month.

How the Polls Work
The ideas in the improvement poll improve an existing feature while the development poll ideas are creating a brand new one. Both polls each have 3 ideas in them. You must decide which ideas should pass. You can find the voting rules in both threads as well as directly below.

•This poll will be a which one you want to pass.
•Three ideas will be voted on each month, one will pass and two will not.
•Voters may only vote once.
•Voters should vote for which ideas they like the most.
•All results are final.
•In result of a tie, the three ideas will NOT be passed.

Poll Links & Voting Time
You may access the Improvement Poll here and the Development Poll here. Voting ends on March 15th at 00:00 forum time. That gives you 14 full days to cast your vote. Be sure to read through each idea before voting. May the best ideas win!

Suggesting Ideas for Future Voting
You can suggest ideas for future polls here. Be sure to follow the format that is located in the original post!

Best Wishes,
Your Grepolis Team​
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I would like to announce that the April polls have started. You may access the development poll here and the improvement poll here.

The polls close on the 15th. That means you have 10 days left to cast your vote.

You may suggest ideas for the May polls here.

Good luck and may the best idea win!