Pnp 3rd Shock Army

Comander 31

Yes we are back again! (giving Naxos a miss)

Same alliance same leader so you can expect more of the same ELITE MRA hybrid as before a few vets will be tagging along to our O45 HQ (yes 3 worlds in a row and we are 45 :D) and we are open to anyone looking for an alliance in the area.

and once again more of the same with the rest....

3rd Shock Army

I have founded the alliance as a hybrid of MRA and ELITE a M.E.A Mas Elite Alliance I want to take on as many players as I can on the condition they are willing to learn I want to fill the lethal gap in ELITE alliances numbers... We dont want MRA like numbers hordes of noobs are no good but a cocktail of veterans and newer players who will be taught y the vets

Overall rank
Ocean rank
Attacker rank
Defence rank
Fighting rank


OPEN taking most local pact requests
Merges only into us Exceptions may be made but dont count on it

We use a well defined command tree operating in 4 Tires

Tire 1
Overall leader (Me)
Founders (high ranking council)
Council member (Leader rights)

Tire 2
Diplomats, War leaders

Tire 3
Officers: high ranking experienced members

Tire 4

Join Today! Contact Comander 31

Dont trust grepostats its having trouble keeping up :) ill be updating this several times a day with rank changes and member increases

*it wont do mass with the M in BB so mas
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