46th Regime


This is another recruiting post for my new alliance, 46th Regime.
The 46th Regime is an alliance started by me only a few days ago. We are looking for members to help the alliance get on its feet. All of our requirements and information is on our main page, but here are some things to help you know a little something about us:
We are currently only accepting people who have a city close to mine, so we don't have to travel far for support. You must be on Grepolis at least once every other day. We are based on peace and democracy, but will turn to violence if certain situations occur. Our main goal is to build an army up and have protection for our fellow alliance members.
That is just a quick explanation of what the 46th Regime is about. Like I said, you can go to our main page to find out more about the 46th Regime.
I would like to say I have read "The Ultimate Leadership Guide" by Osl112 (link to him--->) http://forum.en.grepolis.com/member.php?username=Osl112 and it has proven to be very helpful. I can say that you will find my leadership skills great for someone who just recently joined. If you wish to join the 46th Regime, send me a message telling me why you wish to join. Thank you for reading.