5KP Stance on ANTI-PE coalition

King Beast

Sorry to let the kat out of the bag...

But im sure the Public Enemy Spy Network has already sourced the information...

So as for this coalition....

I will confirm 5KP will play no part in any coalition now or future and wishes no connections to any of the failure or success that is achieved..

In the history of 5KP we have found pacts to be a major down fall with little productivity.
We have only ever had one useful pact, and we aint doing to bad for it ;)

We have a good team and still remained highly selective in recruiting, and as ever we will continue our own path regardless of what the rest of you are doing.

Good Luck to all Partys.

King Beast

Cheers Daz it was a lame effort really on the pnp but just thought id try inject a little life back into kappa...

I miss the banter on here...

Time has really been against me of late old pal, not that i can complain as work is hard to fine these days...

So i havent been at the heart of many battles over the past few months...

I hear your in the same boat... Hope you manage to stick around as it would be a real shame to lose another great 'in game friend' and of cause 'enemy'..

cabz bii

god i miss kappa :(

great subject mate the coalations always fail anyway lol


Yeah, I miss Kappa too. I don't play here since it was upgraded to 2.0, is everybody in the south still fighting PE?


yeah I miss Kappa as well.When I finally was able to come back to Grpo I was surprised to find all of the worlds were gong except for the new 2.0 worlds.That really doesn't make sense to me.Why kill something that so many people enjoyed.Just want to say hello to all my friends in VRoD. I see you guys are still kicking butt