7th farm and upgrade of farms


im fairly new to game and ive looked up getting the 7th and 8th farm and it says something about blue bar and having pop of 600 and for the life of me I just cant figure it out... plus am I to under stand that everyone on island is being helped when I add resources to one of my farms im just about to upgrade one of my farms and it say every one adds resources to te farm and if that is right everyone gets the farm upgraded help ive spent a lot of wood and stone to help the others can you please explain how those 2 things work thanks in adv im baffled :heh:


To conquer the next farming village you need an army worth of the "blue bar" on top. However, there are better numbers somewhere on the forum, I can search if you want. With these troops you'll have less losses

When you add resources to "update" your farm, all other alliance members (of the same alliance of course) will take profit from it. Other players at the island will still see it at the same level. But you can "update" the farms together with your alliance. Of this I'm not entirely sure though, but I think it's only the same alliance who will profit from it. :)



The chart for taking over the farming villages can be found in this thread.

About leveling up the farms;
Everyone on the same island as you can send resources into the farms to upgrade them, regardless of alliance. Once they are upgraded, everyone on the island will gain from it. Again, regardless of what alliance you are in.

So yes, if you spend all your resources in upgrading them, everyone else will benefit as well. The key here is to send some resources, but not all of it, so if the other guys on the island check on how much longer it will be before it gets upgraded, they will simply finish it for you.
Or you could go the friendly route and send a message to people on the island saying to work together to upgrade them.
Or the sneaky way, send messaged to everyone separately saying you and that person will upgrade them together.
They will most likely agree, then send resources. When they check to see if you sent res, they will see that someone helped, but it will be another person on the island, not you ;)

Not that I do that sort of thing :X


Everyone on the island benefits from your upgraded farm, as long as they have conquered that farm. So yes, you are helping everybody. So when looking at which farm you want to take, a good idea is to start by the ones that have the highest upgrade level (as long as they do the trades you are interested in).

Typically players will conquer 5 to 7 farms on an island, leaving at least one unconquered as an easy way to kill off unneeded troops (when you want to switch your city's specialty from defending to attacking for example). Also to conquer your 8th village you are just losing too many troops to make it worthwhile, until much later towards the end of the game (and world wonder filling).
For a good portion of the game, 5 villages is pretty good. And for their upgrade level, up to level 5 is pretty good, after that it also is a bit diminishing returns as you have to feed them so much to get to that level. Towards the end of the game it makes sense, also towards the end other cities on the island will be big too, and it is the reverse that is happening when you become a big player: you start to have a lot more resources than you can use.
But if you say you are just starting, remember also that there is a fair chance that you will lose that city at some point, even if you are a good player, so don't get too attached to a specific one. In this game the strength that really matters is that of your alliance.

To conquer the next village: you need to have at least the number of pop it says (blue bar) as trained units, and you also need to have the correct units so that you actually kill the village defenders. To know which units: use the simulator (in the agora). For the 7th village if I recall you can use 140 slingers. If it says you need to have at least 600 pop, that means in that city you need to have at least 600 soldiers trained - but note that the units used in boats count as well, for their pop value (a (slow or fast) transport boat for example is 5 or 7 soldiers). That is just a minimum you need to have.

units needed to conquer the villages: to get the best ratio killed: I think it is something like that
1st village: any soldier
2nd: 1 slinger
3rd: 3 slingers
4th: 7 slingers
5th: 31 hops (or chariots, or any sharp)
6th: 12 horses (can also use envoys, anything with blunt)
7th: 140 slingers?
8th: 300 slingers?


thanks guys well I guess I should have asked before about the up grade ive got about 25 to 30 thousand resources some what wasted on the upgrades im the only one on island adding to them bummer for me ha ha ha that's what I get for not asking earlier........ ok thanks for info on getting new farm now if I open new farm will rest of island share in that to oh never mind just figured it out while typing dam bunch of brain farts happing over here thanks again guys very help full


Imaria im I to under stand that I can take the 7th farm with only 140 slingers :eek: thanks
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Imaria im I to under stand that I can take the 7th farm with only 140 slingers :eek: thanks
Yes, you can. You need more "trained units" in the city though, but these units don't have to be sent in the attack against the village (they could be LS, other boats, or defence units for example).
If you have more than 140 slingers, I suggest you send as many slingers as you have, so you get a better kill ratio (i.e. less of your troops die to accomplish the same result), however sending other type of offence (blunt or sharp) is not necessarily a good idea (check with the simulator to decide).


In general, people take 1-6 and then wait until they're a fair bit bigger before going for 7-8.
No point in wasting an army that took you days to build for it, may as well use those men to take another city IMO.

The wiki page on farming will also help, check it out :)