8 greatest Omicron Moments


What do you think the eight greatest Omicron Moments Are??????

1. TU and BS merge (made a good alliance, but also made the world really boring)
2. Lynx Disbanded
3.TU/BS v Alpha/DF
4. DoW and DoWH v TU/BS/Alpha
5. GE joins TU
6. Update to new grepolis (noone liked it)
7. TS Sabatoge -_-
8. Grimm Sleepers

Honorable Mention-

Death of Evonybub (this one brought me to tears)



1. TU and BS merge~ if it made the world boring how was it a great moment?
2. Lynx Disbanded~ Who?
3.TU/BS v Alpha/DF~ that one went on for a bit all right
4. DoW and DoWH v TU/BS/Alpha~ this lasted about a week
5. GE joins TU~ never happened
6. Update to new grepolis (noone liked it)~ also if nobody like it how is it rated as "great"
7. TS Sabatoge~ hardly a blip on the record of this world
8. Grimm Sleepers~ I can agree with this one.

Honestly you probably should have left this to somebody who played the full world as you were at best the leader of a noob alliance on the rim who played half the world. What would you know about what was great here and what was not?


1. evo winning obviously
2. TU vs Alpha it was honestly the most interesting fight i've had even though i probably annoyed the mess out of some players...no hard feelings :)
3. annoying christians all day every day last summer (;
4. the world vs evo it spoke volumes about a team that stood up to the world and won.

thats all i know really i missed 1/2 of the world so i can't go any further. ^.^
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I'll do 7 like the 7 wonders of the world........

1. The formation of BLACK SEA this is without a doubt the event which has the biggest affect on this world and played a major part in the shape the world took

2. Me hitting VM in the early days (not to sound selfish but.....) if this had not happened I doubt BS and TU would have ever sorted out their differences which would have had a major effect on how the world ended up.

3. The underhanded and disrespectful tactics of Alphas leadership this too had a major roll to play in who was allied to whom and who each alliance considered enemies. Personally I think if this had not happened we most likely would have been strong allies (possibly even merged with them) and probably would not have depended on BS as much as we did.

4. The merger between TU and Maelstrom, without the injection of players like JTS and mesh into TU I'm not sure we would have remained as strong, also without this merger I doubt Mael would have held out until the end.

5. The fall of D3TH and the rise of GS, this created an elite alliance in the west which up until that point was something the west was lacking. Without this alliances such as DF/Alpha would have never been able to survive for as long as they did.

6. LB breaking away from GE, this totally reshaped the north of the world and made things a lot more interesting for the players up there and the alliances further south.

7. TU/BS merger, This little merger turned 2 great alliances in to a powerhouse in the core of the world which was capable of with standing attacks from all sides and would in time go on to become the winners of the world and perhaps one of the greatest alliances Grepo has ever seen. Even our enemies have admitted without this merger this world would have become less interesting and probably crashed and burned after the downgrade.


I will do number 8 for Murt since he is lazy -

8. Lost Boys merging with Evo - They had a ludicrous of from GS and had they accepted Evo would have been hard pressed to get one WW city let alone two from GS IMO, but they declined and the rest as they say is history.