A Community Story

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We'll be trying something a bit different with this competition. The goal is to create a multi part story made up by you, the player. I'll give you the story subject and then we will open up submissions for player entries. At the end of the submission period we'll take all the submitted stories and put them into a poll where you all will get to vote for your favorite. Then next month the entries will be to continue the story. By the end we'll have created a totally player created story. See below for the complete details on the competition.

The Prompt:
Write a short story about Fred who is a farmer in a city in Grepolis. As long as the story abides by the forum rules then it is ok. How old Fred is, does he have a family, does he even want to be a farmer, all of that is up to you. The submission must be between 1 and 3 paragraphs long. There is a link at the bottom of the post which will take you to where you submit your entry.

The Competition:
  • Write the start of the story of Fred the Farmer who lives in one of the Grepolis cities.
  • Submissions must be at least 1 paragraph long (4-5 sentences preferably) with a max of 3 paragraphs total.
  • The story can be about anything provided it follows all forum rules. Maybe the city Fred lives in is having a bad year for crops or maybe his city is going to war and he has been conscripted.
  • Submissions open today the 22nd and will end on the 29th, next Friday.
  • After everyone has had a chance to send in their part for the story we will start a vote. The voting will start Friday night, the 29th, and will run till the 31st.
  • The entry with the most votes will become part 1 of our Community Story. The winner will also receive 750 gold.

---> Submit your story entries here <---

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Part 1 has been chosen by the voters and the winner is: .magick.

"Pfft. Farming is so boring." Fred exclaimed as he took his hoe and stared at it as he held it upright. He looked at the tall wooden pole and saw it as a partner, a dancing partner rather than the farming tool it was. "I want to dance!" He shouted loud enough to startle the birds in the field, this cause the flock to all all take flight. Fred then took his new dancing partner and danced in the middle of the field to silent music.

"What are you doing?" Fred's father asked him when he came out to check on the commotion. "You are supposed to be working the fields, not dancing in them! No son of mine will do something as frivolous as dancing. I knew it was a mistake to let you attend that parade!" Fred's father walked up to him and took the hoe he was holding and said "Now see how hard it is to do your work without tools since you have time to play around."

Fred watched his father walk away. His father may have regretted allowing Fred to go to his first victory parade, but he really had no choice. The parade was specifically him honor of the militia, in which both Fred and his father were apart of so attendance was mandatory. It was however the place were Fred fell in love. He fell in love with dance!

By .magick.