A day of First


So folks I've been busy and today has been a day of First' <---see what I did there. (thirst--->first for all you simpletons out there)

This is not only the first thread on this general discussion board. but it is also the first thread started by yours truly :cool:

so since this is entirely set up around an awful pun (it's a great pun really and you all know it), I am going to keep this thread in the spirit of kappa by talking about PE

My favourite PE song would be a close call between "Rebel without a Pause" and "Give it Up"

any even better puns (I doubt it) or comments, just type below :)


;) There are several ways to describe who PE is but the two most useful explanations of who they are would be.

1. :p PE Rimmer a well known character from a certain sitcom, now living on Kappa.

And about as loved as;

2. :eek: That thing we where all forced to do at school that everyone hated really, except the ones who liked to wear lucky sweaty jockstraps day after day cause they is Neanderthals who think intelligence is something you catch from nerds and gives you a headache. :rolleyes:

This is of course a totally impartial explanation involving direct quotes from a dictionary.

NOTE; This is a generalized quote regarding the alliance in general, it must be stated for the record that certain members are exempt from these descriptions, as they actually display human qualities, a sense of humor being one of them, that set them apart from there sub-human counterparts. (See explanation 1 and 2 again)

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