A Fallen Member *Tig/Maccat/Grumpy Old Man*


Hello all,

This is just to acknowledge the passing of a well known player.

*Tig* (aka Maccat, aka Cranky Old Man) passed away last week.

I have known, played with, lead with, and even argued with Tig/Mac in my grepo gaming the last 6-7 years. Hours spent in the game were often spent collaborating, strategizing, reasoning, and debating with him on Skype. Every time I left the game, he was the one who brought me back out of my intended retirement with a “Hey...got a new world. Gonna put together a good group...want to join?” Others asked, but I’d say no. He’d ask, and eventually I’d do it. I think it’s cause I’d played with him since the beginning of my grepo career. I went back into retirement last November (and it was for good this time) and I lost touch with him. I noticed on Skype he celebrated his birthday last week. I didn’t wish him any good wishes, putting it off and forgetting...now I regret that. Not that it would have prevented this, but I had the chance to say “Hey, how are things?” Now, I can’t.

He was a good man. I know many either loved or hated him. But he knew many in this community and many knew him. He always wanted the best for his team. The last few years were hard on him health wise, and though the game took it’s toll with all the politicking, he continued to give it his all.

His family, his cats, and the game meant the world to him. He devoted much to those three areas. Bless his wife. I am sure this is incredibly hard on her and the rest of his family.

We have lost a legend in this game. For better or worse, he had touched many. It was better for me. I am glad I got to know and play with him.

You will be missed, *Tig*.


P.S. Keep your replies respectful. Whatever your issues may have been with Tig, they are your issues...this is not the place to vent them. This is a place for those who wish to post a memory or a comment to say their own goodbye. His family is keeping the funeral private, so the online community needs to say goodbye in their own way. I thought this could work.

Song found for Tig by Tuf2beme:

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Lovely words.

Mike, I will treasure the memories of the time we played Grep and the late night/early morning chats.
Sweet dreams and rest in peace.


I game back to Grepo after longish break. This was shocking news to read, sad news.
I knew Mike as well as you can know anyone here. I was co-leading with him through few servers. I still remember our first server, where I teach him about this game, and we just started to lead the team together.
He surely gave all to the teams. Always. Some people may not have liked him, but one thing is sure - he never let anyone cold. You either liked him or you hated him. We naturally all have two faces - one for the game and one for the real world. He was a good man in RL.

It was honor to know Mike. I wish he finally can rest in peace.