A lack of MRA's?


I remember at the start they called Permanent Ban a noob MRA. LOL
Thats because most players just call every alliance within the top twelve an MRA the first week. Some people just feel like its the right thing to say. Not saying some of them are not MRA's, but the identification of an MRA is taking a turn for the worst.

On a second note. They called the first version of Permanent Ban (Project Vemon) was called an MRA as well. Even though they ruled over world Xi for months.
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*GASP(searched under alliance attackers)

Rank Name Points
The search for the alliance "The Southern Force" resulted in 3 hits
35 The Southern Force 1118
46 The Southern Force2 719
183 The Southern Force3 31

They tried to recruit me early on, only now do I realize I made a huge mistake. I didn't listen!!!

Oh yeah, well there is the mail I shared with the leader though that sort of swore me off of this alliance for good, very insightful, semi confusing, and mildy hilarious. Too off topic to post though, willing to show if pm'd in game or in forum mail.