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The crowd cheered as Admiral Gupta sailed off in the last ship, joining the 2 thousand other warships and 10,000 troops loaded on their transports. Sailing away to do battle with "The Beast" Mmcleod. Confident of victory they sailed into the sunset from their home port of Tears.

One of the peasants remarked to another "Did you hear the Admiral slept with the King's wife?"

"I heard it was his sister." was the reply as they walked away

The sun rose over the harbor, and as the dawn broke the lookouts cried "sails ho!!" Very quickly the cry followed "Ours!".

The news quickly spread, it was easy to see thousands of ships were not returning, only a few score warships, and many of the transports seemed to be missing. That could be good, they could be holding the captured city!

As the first ship docked, it was easy to see in the eyes of the sailors returning, and the Captain who walked down the ramp the news was not good. The Captain met the King's majordomo at the end of the pier.


"We were defeated. We broke through their warships, even though there were thousands and we took heavy losses, but we landed the troops on the beach. That's when the trap was sprung, we saw the banners of a dozen cities as thousands poured from the walls and slaughtered our men. We killed thousands of them, but thousands more remained. Our scouts reported more warships converging on us, so we retired, and saved what we could"

"This news will go hard on the king, come to the palace and make your report there".


Baggi was scared. This was nothing new really, as he is quite the coward and a very many things frighten him. This was different. The report he just heard made the chicken and wine he just consumed turn over in his stomach. We lost? How could this be!? The Generals, the military advisers, the sages, the prophets, the wise men of the city, all had guaranteed success. Their heads still dripped a dark, bloody, ichor onto the dirt surrounding the gates.

"We're all dead!" Baggi wailed to no one in particular. His girth shuddered and his jowls flopped as his spat commands to any slaves that would listen, "Get a message to the mighty Lord Chino, tell him it wasn't my fault! Make sure you send our most beautiful virgins to His Holy Magnificence, Dritki. Appease them before they turn their wrath upon our house!"

But it wasn't really the Spartans that surrounded Baggi's humble villages that worried him. They lived and died for battle, literally. A loss or a victory, made no difference to them. As long as they were fighting.

No, the real danger would come from the beast and his ilk. They would smell Baggi's weakness, they would know of his enormous losses, and they would, like sharks smelling blood in the water, attack. It was only a matter of time before all was ashes. The modest statues erected to himself, in his name and likeness, would be torn down. The beautiful statues! His home would be burned to the ground. His bowls would be pierced and his head, upon a spike.

For a time there was nothing but the fear. The sweating. The dangers from every direction. What was the solution? There must be a solution! Think of a solution!!!

All the slaves stayed quiet and allowed their fat, disgusting, cowardly ruler the time he needed to come to his senses and make a decision.

Finally, the lowborn fool who somehow made his way into the chair of emperors, came back to his senses.

"Where is Darkness? Send him to me, quickly!", Baggi shouted.

But, he did not need to be summoned, for this was a land rich in silver, and Darkness was always close at hand to do Baggi's bidding. He came from the shadow's, bowed low, and said quietly, "What is thy bidding, Master?"

Baggi wet himself.

His voice cracked as he said, "G-g-g-get a message to the b-b-b-beast. Tell him, tell him, tell him that Baggi wishes to talk, to parlay, to make words, not war! Tell him it was all a mistake and that, that, that, that Baggi wants to make amends. G-g-g-go! Quickly!"

Without a work, Darkness departed from Baggi's chamber. With a great, shuddering, sigh, Baggi feel back heavily into his chair.

I'm a dead man, he thought.


As the courier ship cleared the harbor, the Captain ordered the 1st officer. "Set course for Motor City". The helmsman looked with shock at the Captain, as did all within hearing. All knew none had ever returned from that place of death.

"No" came the quiet voice of the cloaked man by the rail. "Set course for Hanth town. We'll visit the spider before we face the beast".

The cloaked man turned and smiled. "I suspect the reception there will be a little less warm, as in we won't get set on fire and sunk on sight."

"Hanth town it is" agreed the Captain with a smile. He might just live though this after all.

"She's flying a white pennant under her standard sir" the lookout reported down to the Captain of the Option 4. "Lay her alongside Domnyk, let's see what this is all about" ordered. "Get Meagan out of her cabin and tell her to get ready to take a message to the capital"

"Sir..I think she's still entertaining those 2 sailors. Do you really want to disturb her? Remember what happened the last time". The Captain shrugged "Good point, send Mychal to get her, I never liked him anyway."

"Me either. Can we get someone else to carry the Harpy next time sir?"

The seneschal turned to the man known as Darkness "Your name sir? So I may announce you properly"

"Just the Spartan Envoy will do" was his answer with a wry smile, as if the man was laughing to himself about something.

"As you wish" the massive doors opened and they strode through to the throne. Lounging on the throne was an old man, but the eyes were still bright and as they stopped before the throne and as the seneschal began to speak, Darkness threw back his hood and Lord Nine stood and came swiftly down the steps and embraced the Envoy to the shock of all present.

"Vincent my boy, it's been too long" he hugged the man fiercely.

"It has indeed Grandfather, it has indeed." came the reply as he broke the embrace.

Later that evening after their meal. Nine leaned back in his chair "Now my son, tell me."

"Its time sir. Baggi wishes to talk to Mmcleod." came the somewhat distracted response as he watched the serving girl go.

"Excellent, and do you know about what?" came the also distracted response...she really was pleasing to watch leave.

"Baggi wishes to speak of peace. I think he might have soiled himself when he said Mmcleod's name, after their failure to take his cities, Baggi would prefer not to have his head on a pike. Which btw the advisor's heads who told him those cities could be easily taken are decorating the gate."

"We've tried to take some of their cities with little success. Perhaps it is time to speak. Very good, we'll ride for Motor City in the morning"

"Wouldn't it be faster to sail there?"

"Sure it would, but the men manning the defenses there tend to shoot first and fish bodies out of the harbor later. Why do you think I built a city on the same island? I don't want to get killed either" came the dry response.


While all this was happening the cowardly Sir Brir of the Heroes who stand in a Circle was sleeping in his chamber in the great city of Godolphin. His was a drunken sleep, a slumber borne out from the festivities to celebrate his taking of a city from his child like enemy. An easy victory yet a great victory.

"Surely this will send a message out to all who dare attack the Heroes who stand in a Circle that all attacks will be met with swift and violent retribution" he crowed. The low born, the high born, the soldiers, sailors, the priests of the temple and even the children gave out a mighty roar and the sounds of festivities commenced, there was much dancing around the maypoles, making of garlands and hugging of trees. There was plenty of wine drinking.

He woke up the next morning with a start! His valet come rushing in. "Sir Brir, a disaster has befallen us, come quickly!" His master arose with a heavy head and shouted "What's up man? why the rush on such a glorious day?" The valet merely pointed out of the window. SHOCK! HORROR! he had to look again, NO his eyes were not deceiving him.. His small fleet of Biremes were gone, The Spartan coward Baggi had sailed into the early hours of the morning and wreaked havoc. "Get the soldiers" Brir cried.. "They are all dead sir" was the response.

Now Sir Brir is sat near Godolphin's tallest maypole dejected, his citizens unhappy and his city virtually in revolt. "What can I do, Oh Goddess Hera hear my call and please send me a sign that I can get out of this mess" there was silence. Nothing. "I'm going to lose my beautiful city, darn that Baggi, he calls himself a coward and then he does this!"

Some coward.. :Angry:
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It certainly is! great post Nines and some great stuff from Baggi too.. I was sat here laughing my head off! :D


Nine and the Spartan Envoy stopped on the ridge overlooking the harbor. "The great wheel" Nine pointed to the harbor, ships came in and docked on one side, locked into the mooring clamps, and the great wheel, powered by the circular tide flow slowly moved the ship from the entry around the harbor, and 12 hours later had it ready to sail from the other end. A marvel of engineering.

"Magnificent" the Envoy said in awe, as they watched the process for some time. One of the slaves leaned against the rail to rest...and a large shark leapt from the water and dragged him over the side.

Nine shrugged "Occupational hazard" and they turned back to the road toward the castle.

It was quiet in the depths of the keep, Mmcleod liked it quiet, he thought better in the stillness, broken only by the sound of his own orders, and the running feet of the couriers dashing forth to carry out the Emperor's commands.

He didn't even turn around when they entered "What is it this time Nine? Another of your elaborate plans not going your way again?" came the harsh, sarcastic voice.

"Now brother, is that any way to greet a guest?" Came the laughing reply. A grunt of irritation was his reply. "As it turns out, this one seems to be working, may I introduce the Spartan Envoy". The couriers stationed around the room all looked as one at the pair, wondering if Mmcleod would feed him to the sharks, both of them, or maybe couriers and all just for interrupting his planning.

"I've got cities I'm working on supplying in 4 oceans, troops massing to hit my next target, and you bring me this, you'd better not be wasting my time, or I'll feed you to the sharks". Mmcleod still hadn't turned from his map and his charts.

"Yeah, Yeah, that's what you said the last time. You know mother would nag you to death if you did" Nine said wryly.

"She's dead" Mmcleod pointed out.

"And that would stop her you think?" Nine pointed out sarcastically.

Mmcleod finally turned from his charts and looked at them for the first time "No, I suppose it wouldn't. So what is this all about?"

"Baggi wants to talk. I think he's a bit afraid of you...Beast"

"You know, for a guy who seems to be afraid of everything, and everyone, he sure manages to kill a lot of people. So he wants to talk does he, well Mr. Envoy, talk. Let's see what you've got to say, I'm certainly willing to listen"


The envoy called Darkness bows low to Mmcleod and says in his quiet, but strong voice, "Your Majesty...."

He waits for a sound or gesture from Mmcleod to rise. Getting none, he continues in prostrate form, to deliver his message.

"My employer, who most know as Baggi the Coward, wishes to negotiate a cease of hostilities between your empire and the Spartans. He believes he can take the hot headed Chino and the psychopath known as Dritki and focus their attentions on others. The dispute between your two empires began with an insult from those who call themselves heroes towards Chino, and he does not forget or forgive insults. Until his pride and his anger have been satiated, he will continue to spill blood. It is what Spartans do, after all."

"Therefore, Baggi proposes to guide the Spartans towards their true enemies, these so called heroes, and any who would aid them, and guide the Spartans away from your current conflict."

He remains perfectly still, head lowered, body still.


The Beast was momentarily confused by the Envoy's words, but managed to hide it behind his hand as he smoothed down his great moustache.
"By the Gods! " he wondered to himself, "what does he mean ... and any who would aid them"? "Does he think I will sully my honor by abandoning an ally"?
The Beast looked down at the Spartan Envoy and for some unknown reason he no longer saw a cowering lick-spittle come to beg for mercy; instead, he saw a soldier with an iron will and complete resolve, determined to strike the best possible deal he could for his master.

"Sir Envoy, surely your master does not believe that I would abandon both my honor and my ally simply to avoid a little bloodshed"?

"No, I cannot in good conscience agree to your terms"

The Spartan almost bristled at that but managed to keep his composure. He waited to see if the Beast would feed him to the sharks now - he vowed to himself that he would take at least one of the sharks with him to his watery grave.

The Beast was silent for a time, it seemed to those watching like an eternity, but in truth was no more than a few minutes as the tension built.

"Your master will appreciate this dear Envoy" said the Beast. "For any man who abandons his allies is no more trustworthy than a spy".

"Here is what I offer instead. Neither I nor Nines will provide aid or succour to our Hero allies" There was an audible gasp in the audience chamber and suddenly whispers abounded throughout the nobles and lieutenants present.

"SILENCE" bellowed the Beast. "Brother I think..." Nine began, and Mmcleod's head snapped to him like a sword being ripped from it's sheath. Nine blanched and without a moment's hesitation "think that's a brilliant idea". The beast smirked and turned back to the envoy.

"Many of my Lieutenants, on the other hand, have unseasoned troops and require a forum for battle testing and battle hardening. I will give them leave to provide aid to our Hero ally in a defensive capacity only".

"More than this I cannot... No! will not do. Many of my allies will be watching closely and some would be secretly gleeful to see me so easily abandon my loyalties.

If your master wishes to discuss this further, he is of course invited to sail here and speak with me in person. I will be delighted to give him a personal tour of the bay" he said with a wicked smile.


Sir Brir woke up in the early hours of the morning, for once he was not in his chamber with a bottle of fine wine and a nubile slave girl to hand. He was still by the tallest maypole in Godolphin. He was still alive! The final attack that would have finished his city off hadn't come and his head was not on a pike in a psychopathic Spartans city.. Hera had answered his call.

"The Gods have seen fit to yet again spare my cowardly hide" he thought. "Thank you Hera" he shouted out at the top of his voice.

His spirits lifted he walked to the marketplace and bought a bottle of Immortalia's finest grape, "Make that two bottles my fine young fellow" he said to the trader "Today is a good day to be alive"

As he walked down the streets the people came up to him "We are saved, Sir Brir the Gods must truly favour you" Sir Brir smiled "I think you are right my beloved citizens" and turned to the trader "My dear sir, a bottle of Immortalia's finest for every citizen of this most blessed city, and take one for yourself, I shall send my valet down with full payment within the hour!" The trader broke into a broad smile "Certainly noble Sir Brir, and for such generosity I in turn shall give you a very generous discount" Sir Brir waved him away "No, not today fine citizen, this is on me for today we should all be dead" He turned to the crowd and his voice boomed loudly "Today we shall celebrate, there will be dancing around the maypoles and all slaves shall have the day off!"

There was a resounding roar and the happy people went busily about the business of setting up the ribbons, collecting flowers for the garlands and all that is entailed in a Heroes festival.

Sir Brir continued towards his residence, he was dusty and needed to bathe in rose water.

Now bathed and refreshed he dressed himself in his finest robes made from Bri City's finest silk. "Ah, the tailors of Bri City are the finest in the world" he said to his valet and strode off towards the Great Hall, stopping only once to give the valet the money promised to the trader. As he walked along he heard a commotion, "What's the bother here?" he asked.. "There is a man wanting to see you Sir, he looks like a tramp and we won't let him in, he's not happy, shall we kill him sir?" Sir Brir replied "Today my man no one shall die, let him speak"

There was a hushed silence as a bedraggled old man came forward, he bowed and whispered "My noble sir, I have grave news, the coward Baggi has sent his Envoy to speak to the beast mmcleod" Brir laughed "I should imagine he is shark food by now" The man looked back at him "No sir, he is not. Mmcleod allowed him to speak and he poured poison in his ears, neither mmcleod nor Nineaces will help us in our fight against the Spartans, however their young soldiers and sailors being able to give support for training purposes was part of the bargain should the Spartans accept"

Sir Brir was taken aback. Then he steadied himself. "The coward Baggi is a wise man, he seeks to divide his enemy in order to conquer later, he sees us as the weak link and once the Spartans overrun us they will continue in their quest for blood" Then he smiled, the courtiers were amazed. This was the first time they had ever seen Sir Brir take such frightening news without either soiling or wetting himself.

"It's funny how the Spartans crow about how strong they are and how weak we Heroes are, and it's hilarious that they say they want to fight strong opponents yet soil themselves when they find one who can not only fight them but can beat them too!"

"There is more than one way to skin a Spartan" he boomed "They are proud, too proud, and psychotic too, they took Saint's personal message of peace and instead of concentrating on the peace he offered, they saw fit to highlight the threatening tone instead, they were not interested in the fact that he was no diplomat yet they took some of his words and used them as a pretext for war, and continue to do so even though this message was sent when Saint was an Immortal, a very different alliance to the one that now exists as The Circle of Heroes, the very same document they produce as Saint's message shall also be their downfall"

He strode on "Saint is no longer of this world, but he was a warrior, a hero and if this is what the Spartans want then this is what they shall have, they say they wear the red cloth of a Spartan but in their actions they prove they wear the yellow cloth of cowards, they are bullies nothing more and nothing less"

"Now onto the festivities!"
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I don't mean to interrupt this funny story going on here, but I would like to set the record straight cause I think some people might be getting confused here. Old Rep. approached The Spartan's FIRST about a cease fire. Without naming names someone in Command there asked for peace and laid out a grand plan for our 2 Alliances. I'm not going to go into details here cause negotiations are still in progress. But just so all of Nicaea knows, Spartan's didn't ask for peace we were offered it on a silver platter. Maybe you Hero's should talk to your so called Ally and ask what the real story is.


I don't mean to interrupt this funny story going on here, but I would like to set the record straight cause I think some people might be getting confused here. Old Rep. approached The Spartan's FIRST about a cease fire. Without naming names someone in Command there asked for peace and laid out a grand plan for our 2 Alliances. I'm not going to go into details here cause negotiations are still in progress. But just so all of Nicaea knows, Spartan's didn't ask for peace we were offered it on a silver platter. Maybe you Hero's should talk to your so called Ally and ask what the real story is.

I am aghast at such vile slander of my honourable friends, now if I was as slimy and untrustworthy as you vile scurvy I could do that, but I know Old Republic and their academies to be honourable people so I won't bother to ask.

Instead I invite you Spartans to attempt sailing all the way into North 044 as I have to in order to attack/support my people/allies and die in front of my walls for a change?

See how successful you are then.. Maybe you'll have a little more respect for the geographical problems we have had and and realize that we are not so feeble as you think..

How's that for a challenge?

Brir the cowardly incontinent Hero
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/exit character

AHEM. If ya'll want to get out of character and discuss things, please do it elsewhere.


/re-enter character


Noble Lord Nines, I humbly apologise for my folly. :(

You must understand I am outraged at such slander so I felt I must not allow these accusations to go unanswered and that I sought only to uphold the honour of my great ally and to challenge these vile dogs to try war that suits our terms for a change rather than crowing about taking cities from our small provinces and proclaiming themselves to be great warriors. :Angry:

Especially when they fight a truly great warrior such as yourself or the beast mmcleod and seek peace so they can take more small Hero provinces in their stinking ocean. And once again boast about their bravery and honour.. :supermad:

It's too much to bear..

"Valet! I need more of Immortalia's finest grape!"


Lots of corners have changed direction, as the words differs from in game to grepo forums. No talks, Bring your anger to the Battlefield. continue the story :cool:


Reckon it is about time the scribes inked their quills and continued this great piece of work.....