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    I have started a allaince on the wrold Pi. I have alot of experiance and our home ocean is 66 and 67 so please if you are going to join the wrold please select south east so i could invite you and if i dont please send me a massage and i will send you a invite:)

    The objective for this allaince will be to start of small then we will grow fast so please i don't want any one who dose not spend more than 5 hours on grepolis each day. Then we will grow to be one of the top 10 allaince out there and we will not give up if we are in a war so please if you want to join my allaince but are like in ocean 25 please just go to settings and restart and choose south east :pro:

    With all respect;
    Nectro Polis :)
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    lol, top 10, not if incubi or tee are around you.