Announcement A new Era for Debate and Discussion


Now that this section has its very own active and hardworking mod (thats me :p), we have decided to make some changes to the way this forum is run.
To start with it will be reopened to the entire forum community as I believe the community on a whole is sensible and mature enough to have serious discussions and we don't need to limit the amount of users that have access to these discussions.
Secondly in an attempt to ensure that all topics are of a mature nature this thread will be moderated so that I will have to approve a thread before other users can post.
I also hope to run team debate competitions depending on user participation. I hope this will add a little variety and excitement to the forum.

Please understand that this new style debate and discussion will only work if players are mature and sensible enough to respect the forum rules and the opinions of others. If you are not sensible then Debate and Discussion will close.

Thank you