A NewWay To Dodge An Attack or Evade Spying


By accident, I was missing troops. When I checked in the agora, I found them using the Outside tab.

They were located in a QUEST city.

Certain quests ask you to dispatch troops. If you have 500 troops, send them all even if the quest only needs less. There is no automatic return like the other quests.

These troops are no longer in your city! They won't show up on spy reports!! If you are being attacked, you don't have to send them to another city where they could be attacked and you wouldn't know if the player is offline!

Nope, they will be minutes away in the quest city!!

The trick is to NOT ACCEPT THE REWARD. Leave the box with the green checkmark alone. Sure you lose one of your four quests spots.

But imagine the look on your attacker when he thinks he has an EASY KILL and he gets wiped out!! LOL!!! He may even send less troops because he doesn't know that you are holding them in the quest city.

It's up to you if you want to leave them when your offline, but if you are in a safe island area, no harm done.

Just thought I would share!



I've noticed this too, but unlike a real dodge, you cannot monitor the times like you can on a dodge. When your troops are in the quest, you can only accept/store the quest to return troops. You have no way of knowing the exact TT for them to return to your city. Unless of course to record the time it takes to send them. That combined with not knowing if/when the city will be attacked = to much work.


Cities are not that far from the villages. About 15 minutes maybe for the furthest. Too much work omg! Why don't you just say cool thanks for mentioning this. I guess it was easier to be critical since that is not "too much work". I am sure ;) you noticed ;) it . I must have ;) missed your;) post somewhere in the forum. ;) ;) And people wonder why less and less players are starting new worlds.


it's not as if when your troops are out a spy tells the troops counts yet...


I guess this could work if you have less than 4 cities. I knew it happened but had never thought of using it for a dodge, since there has never been a quest available on a city getting attacked ime.

You would have to be very lucky to have a troop quest available on the right isle over a couple of cities.