A no easy decision


Alot was speculated about the future of Paragon with OrestesOfArgos having a ''tough'' time in real life, and working daily, and having school, some was wrong, alot was correct. I find it only appropriate that such powerful entity as Paragon was, gets a deserved epilogue also on the forums.

I want to say it was no easy decision to be made, and in ideal world and in heroic tales, a captain sinks with the sinking ship, but I was appointed to look for the best, for Paragon and its members, and I must say I have given all my free time to ensure Paragon grow and advance, both in tactics and in efficiency.

I would like that everyone, including the neutrals, notice that Orestes stopped playing ACTIVELY since the start of December, and until that day, hundreds of attacks tried to either surprise or conquer him and none succeeded, until finally giving up to even try. Everyone deep down will have to admit that noone could EVER conquer him (except maybe our allies).

Thank you Paragon for all you have given to me, and thank you Orestes for the, most likely the fastest promote to Co-Founder in a serious alliance, I hope I lived up to the expectations:

- Alcarin89 has joined the alliance. on 2012-05-29 at 08:54
- OrestesOfArgos has changed the authorizations of Alcarin89. on 2012-06-06 at 02:48

Below I will quote part of my own Mass Mail i sent to the best team I ever had the privilege to lead.

Now bear with me a little

I would like to let you all guys know how proud I am/was to be your temporary (or long term) leader and Co Founder. I had never before had the privilege or luck if you want it that way, to lead such a bunch of mostly highly dedicated players from around the globe. Running Paragon will be forever remembered as my best experience of managing and learning how to accept and give constructive criticism which will no doubt help me in real life. Also the joy you all brought to my eyes and a smile to my mouth with all ironic commentaries, with all great operations we endured and accomplished (and also failed :p), with all the enemies we humiliated.

But a day comes, when, for greater good we must look beyond our past, and while (hopefully) still all together we will join a bigger and even more devastating force, with players equally good as us.

Now a day may come, when some of you might forget my name, but I will remember yours, your most important deeds, and the experience i was allowed to get from your company.

J Marcus; Exorcistul; Colegio Ingles; Macarico; Phlebius; TheSnitchuation; 0Kimberly0; Lord-Bawz; crimsonhittokiri; Chromedomex; pump989; whiteshamy; randy1285; Principe Salvatore; Don Dominic; MEHR4N;

Now for end I would like to remind you all what Paragon really accomplished:

- Paragon made a million alliance go to dust (The Unknowns)
- Paragon defended, from the biggest coalition(member wise) to have EVER existed on Olympia
- Paragon made crazy moves that now our enemis took from our ideas (WW Islands)
- Paragon was ALWAYS the smallest alliance in top 10(I am not 100% but it is 99%)
- Paragon had the privilege to be considered the most hated and the best alliance at the same time
- Paragon had the privilege to have top 3 players (points) at some point
- Paragon had the privilege and holds 1st and 2nd place in Fighter ranks (for what feels like an eternity) and also is 4/6 best on fighter ranks
- Member of Paragon was the cause of many quitters and ghosters most notable of all, Transient and Pfa
- Member of Paragon was also the cause for the creation of the coalition against a single person

I am sure i forgotten some important things, and events (like the Defense of Medieval Times with player Kali K. and the epic rage of LordFussy).

So let this rather long post be the last MM that all of you will receive from me, as your leader.

Kind regards,
Matej / Alcarin

Additional members, now either gone or long gone, but put alot for this alliance (in no particular order);

- Loxias Apollo
- t-bird56
- Garaz
- Kali K.
- armand27
- Dragon Jumoon
- yurri
- Taifuu
- kizzer
- Tab-70
- leonel0123
- Pantoca
- Duke 44
- fencepost

Now that I am representative of nothing left, but memory of past glory and success, I will take leave from active posting on the Olympia forum(I will still drop by and respond in this thread atleast and drop in every now and then), maybe in near or long future, all forum users from Olympia World, will realise and judge correctly that OrestesOfArgos and even myself, actually gave the spark of life and meaning to what forums really should have been.

I would also like to openly thank The Unknowns, most notably Transient, and MPoseidon, later LordFussy(KD/Unknowns/Union), funshiba(KD), Ballzach The Great(KD), Pfa(Defiance) and many more i surely forgotten, to provide this World with a reason to fight and continue just like Paragon surely provided many of you. And in the end I would like to thank (Olympia ingame name) Jax33 for 3 of the most funny PnPs I ever had the privilege to be part of(as Paragon), you sir made 3 of my days filled with joy and laughter, thank you, I saved them to look them up, to remember the past.

Kind regards,
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Please dont leave the forums mate, they are dead enough already as it is :(


It was a good run, inevitable, but a good run nonetheless.

Hoping you stick around on the forums because there's only so much beating up on TDU I can do to rally this place up.


Best of luck with whatever you decide to do in future,do hope you stick around . Think you livened things up here and rattled some cages, which will be missed by all even us noobs :p


I couldn't have picked a finer Cofounder. Alcarin exceeds me in many ways.


Seems lot has happened during my absence... sad to hear ... got to say only that


I'm always fascinated at the abilities certain members of this game posses and i say, without a doubt, i'd rather fight with you than against you. best of luck to you.