Pnp A Normal Day in Legacy

Admiral Naji

Then sun is shining, the birds are singing ... what a beautiful day and indeed a great morning

Like normal, I got lazy and woke up a little late ... Start reading the news:

we got the normal simming reports ...

Murt takes a city from SS ... usual

Mowe and Kage bullying someone .... booooooring

Casey got a CS in but his siege is dead .... sorry mate, halloween doesn't like you

Hackoon needs support to his 1 LS 20 slinger CS

Milos21 have something smart to say that starts with ... back in 1600 bc grepo was ...

Alerick saw an incoming CS attack, he made the whole alliance send him support, it turned out it was his own CS returning .......

Rumpel balls are red ..... ??? ..... oh it figures

Pixie want to throw up .... so he looks at Digis Nude Photos ... they did the trick lol

Oh ... but LOOK there is something not normal !!!!!!
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Admiral Naji

[FONT==Comic Sans MS]

Someone slept way more then they should have ...

CS in ! Elliot being conquered .... :(

Wall is 14 .... this looks unbreakable :rolleyes:

But then again Naji got this crazy idea ....

" Huh are they nuts ???? why are they trying to break the siege 1 hour still ! :p " .... SS wondering

Meanwhile a lot of naval attacks otw ....

" HAHAHAHAH ... you guys are going to loose all the flyers for nothing ! :D "... SS laughing

7 minutes later .... :eek:


Sooooo what really happened:

Turns out after seeing wall dead, CS holder recalled, he couldnt let his teammate see the massacre !:rolleyes: ...

But he left 50k LDU to kill :p

We even got a little bonus

... and that ladies and gentlemen is called being a pro :pro: ...

In the end, I turned the newspaper for the funny idiots section ... I find some new stuff

I know this dirty smell ... I smelled it somewhere before ... yuk !

And in the end, He made my day so thank you for that

Back for a new day in UL ... Thank you everyone for reading.
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bwaaaaaaa ha ha ha, this is awesome Naji....well except that part about me panicking about my CS....that is actually inaccurate....the accurate one would be me accidentally PULLING my cs to a well defended seige that was almost over!!! lol, I just like to take the same city twice lol


Just shows the awkward strength of the event's manticores. Some sieges with 50k DLU aren't meant to be broken at this stage in this world lol. Not trying to take anything away, this was an incredible use of Cats and resources. I'd have spent too long in the simulator trying to plan that to the point that there would be no siege to break anymore lol :p.

Nice PnP. Makes the forums fun, +rep.

Archon of Corinth

Impressive Naji. Great PnP and work!
bwaaaaaaa ha ha ha, this is awesome Naji....
Oh for Goodness sake.

Hey Rumpel you gotta take this boy Naji out to do something better with his time. Like go meet some nice clean boys of his own age. Hey I got an idea…
Take him to watch Partizan with the Ultra's. He 'll like that and it will keep him warm :D


oh guys.
yes, this was a very nice plan.

but you know like always - we have copy cats. just show quality - others want to imitate at once.