A Plea to our Toucan Moderator


Come back to what you love!​

Dear Mr. Toucan,

It has been over 4 years since we have last seen you in the spotlights, you must return to them.

I have heard many rumors that things have not been going well for for you since your last match against those keebler elves, they really didn't want you building a nest in their tree.

Soon after you came out of your coma you announced your retirement from professional food brand mascot boxing. So here I am, requesting for you to take out of your boxing gloves and dust them. Return to the ring. We all know that not fighting against your fellow food mascots is "eating you up" inside (pardon the pun).

I have lined up two fights for you thus far. Your opponents will be the cocky leprechaun from Lucky Charms and Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes. In case you are wondering they are not as great as he says they are.

Also, I have made sure that your competition is well, pretty below average. Lucky the Lep has a severe drinking problem and is barely able to stand upright. If you lose against him you probably shouldn't show your rainbow beak in public again. Now, double T is a different story. He has at least tripled his weight. He will be able to absorb any body blows you throw at him, his weakness is his tail. If you pull it hard enough you may be able to buy yourself some time and go for an uppercut to the jaw. Below are the most recent pictures of your adversaries.

The Food Brand Mascot Boxing League (FBML) hasn't been the same since your departure. Please Toucan Sam, consider this offer and come back. Your fans and your fellow fruit loops need you.
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super fast

Mr. Toucan

i'm begging you, you see it's jimmy. He's really really sick, and you see, winter is coming soon, and your his favorite FBML boxer, he even has a signed picture of you after your re-match with cap'n crunch. If you do this, i think jimmy will make it past the winter.


Poor Jimmy,
Toucan Sam cannot seem to grasp the fact that his fights inspired so many around the globe. The underdog victories and come from behind knockouts were truly beautiful feats of toucan resiliency.


Mr. Toucan,

Do be careful!

I hear that some of your opponents are crazy! We wouldn't want you to lose an ear.
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It may be tough for him to lose an ear as he is a bird and their ears aren't as exposed as ours.

Hopefully he doesn't get his feathers all ruffled though!

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
I've been called a chicken and yellow bellied (even though my belly is white) but I am still the same tough, tenacious toucan. It may indeed be time for my return to the ring, granted I am a wee bit out of practice.


Dear Sir,
I have nothing but complete confidence in your skills! You will be only victorious in the ring.

Number one in the ring and number one in our hearts, Mr.BT

*crowd goes wild*
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