A Short And Sound Plan To Save Grepolis


The best thing they could do to bring back old players is get rid of the instant gold costruction and recruitment

Make it a 50% time reduction
Actually giving it more thought the gold to resources ratio in the market could be reduced a bit which may cut down on those players that gold trade then ghost

But someone alot smarter than me would have to work the math out at inno


Conq is the best... if you will remove conq. worlds... there will be less players overal. Less money... da-a... + there are many gold spenders in Conq worlds also... so there are +/- for revolt and conq. worlds.

In revolt many spend gold just to rebuild their walls... plenty of money wasted there so yea... revolt worlds in that case waste more money/gold...

So in conq worlds they should find out something similar?!
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