So i was thinking about the same thing that Andromeda and Jason have. 1 gives extra loot when attacking, 1 increases the resources in the city it is in.

Basically, the idea is a Hero which will passively increase the favor you get in that city for that god, as long as it is in the city. So like Andromeda.
It can be said that we got Hercules for it, but then the same can also be said about Andromeda. Why do we have Andromeda if we have Jason? Andromeda is a more passive gameplay while Jason is a bit more aggressive, since you need to attack with him for the extra loot.

So why not have the same with favor? If Hercules is more of an agressive type where you need to attack for favor, why not have a Hero for passive gameplay?

Im sure many people have cities where they don't have heroes, so this could be a fun little addition to have some extra favor. And if its hard for you to be on the frontline, because you are not that active, this could help you be usefull more with myths to break sieges or clear cities ETC.