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is this still working as when i go to download the file i get a "404 Not Found" error

"The requested URL /abakus/launch.html was not found on this server."

seems like a useful tool


<img src="http://forum.en.grepolis.com/picture.php
Someone else was mentioning something a week or so ago that had me thinking about this tool, but with the link down and unable to find it on any of my hard drives; I kind of just gave up on it.

Which just isn't like me... but somehow I managed to shed it from my mind and continue like it never existed, that was until - NOW, you guys JUST had to go and bring it back into the forefront of my thoughts.

So, when all else fails I turn to the source of all good things Grepolis - the GERMANS - so, off to the .de forums I went with a name in hand and a goal in mind... wading through the swath of incomprehensible text, I managed to search out this player to find his only thread - a golden ray at the end of my journey!

Only to be bitten by the dreaded 404 monster yet again - hosted on the same site! :(

Navigating to the end of the thread I find something even more promising, a RS link - to nothing but the file I was hoping to find - Yipee, the search is over!

You too can Download the Abacus HERE
Archive Password:
julien (all lowercase)

[why he password-ed the archive we'll never know]

The worlds only seem to go up to Eta, I'm not too sure if this is Eta on the .en servers - I believe it is, one may have to play around with it to be sure... If this is the case you should be able to use it for up and coming/more recent servers as long as the settings are the same for the world you play and that which you select on the Abacus.

Hope you guys enjoy using this tool! Let me know how it works/how accurate it is. =P
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I was going to recommend posting it on another download hoster ?

It could take up to 2 mins to upload it to another hoster, and of no cost to anyone.

Seeing as though it's all ready posted, Ignore the above.

Thanks Zabbi ;)