Pnp Abdera WW Update V1



Boris the cat said:
We Americans believe DEEPLY in the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! In fact we took the effort to write it into our CONSTITUTION...Wow, many countries followed suit! Figure that, the majority of the WORLD believes in FREE SPEECH, but grepo mods do not, go figure!! At a fast look, I see censorship left and right here.
Forum mod said:
Thread closed. You agreed to what you could and could not say when you signed up for the forums.
not quoted to protect the EN member said:
I have all but stopped commenting on the externals because of them deleting everything an EN member says but letting QoQ players mouth off.
Author XYZ said:
I finally see they have changed the way rep comments are done and now you can see gives them!,One of my last negative comments was " I hate you : signed (removed)". Now I see it was (removed) who is none other than (removed)

Zarun said:
I'd actually prefer a warning/infraction if my posts get removed so I know what I did and not to do it again.

Doing it stealth is not a good way to moderate imo.
CoA said:
If a mod edits a post s/he should state the reason for the edit. You are mods not NSA or MI6 agents ( with the exception of the exemplary Commander Bond , who is not a mod but is an officer on OHMSS, of course ).
Brir said:
Why are you deleting all my posts Fig?
Pag said:
(And that was not a double post in the true sense of the meaning...I posted an offhand post whilst my mate Prateek posted...the second of mine was purely a response to his post, it was not supposed to me mungled up together as that now loses its context.....remember I have built forums of this sort and trained moderators from are not a machine, you have the ability to use using discretion you do not alienate your audience...and by not alienating your audience, the owners of the forum continue to gain financial reward from said forum....without financial reward there is no forum and moderators have nothing left to moderate.

It would be seen as pedantic in the extreme to edit this post...and possibly a little personal would show your lack of training in the art of moderate moderation too...which would be a shame as I think with the right guidance, you would make an excellent moderator Figtree...seriously, you would...if you exercised a little more discretion and a little less red pen)

Whilst everyone has a right to pick and choose who they they support, surely if it comes as far as then stopping a group of players from commenting here at all then that is taking that personal prejudices a step too far. If the game rules allows the final outcome, surely then to ban or remove comments from only a group of players by one person then surely seems like conflict of interest, is my personal thinking.

If Fair is fair, if we take the
Author said:
You agreed to what you could and could not say when you signed up for the forums
comment taken as it stands, then surely the "An agreement a mod signs when they become a forum mod, surely would have more stringent rules and regulations to follow." And abusing that power for personal prejudices should also be just have heavily clamped down.

Plus what is the point of removing comments, surely the aim of a forum is to keep it buzzing with activity and getting those blood pumping in players, oppose to a real dead place to visit. Which is what it is now.

Figs probable answer would be......

WW Update:


Lilithka said:
Quote Originally Posted by Praehelios
What happened to Viv?
Viv and Dan went for honeymoon
pagodaswan said:
QOQ have not moved from level 6 all day on any of theirs...have they gone on strike?
Dim said:
Anyway, my predictions, QOQ wont build any wonders, in all likelehood Viv will ghost and screw it up for ya.

EN crew said:
how did they get ahead of us on the gardens? ?!?!?!

Lovely Miss pagodaswan said:

<stamps foot in temper>

Guys...pretty please...will you slow down a tincy wincy bit so that our feisty band can get a look in....we might be little but we are really determined....but you are going WAY too's just not fair....(why is there no crying emoticon here, we need one....and not just for this post but several thousand posts from hundreds of different people...)
figtree2 said:
Maybe they are leveling up right now. It would be nice to see them all go to 7 today. That would show there is still some competition going on.
Other minor alliances

Sloth said:
Two of yours are still on level 1, don't bother.
Santa Press

Leolis said:
Is Praehelios on any WW island? I hope he won't be buying a new house this time
Kron said:
EN comes and stays in a server to win...
Wishful thinker said:
Whilst the big lads are handbagging each other a rank outsider could potentially creep up quietly and steal the crown from under pun intended, of course
Sloth said:
Japhyb builds all 7 by himself.
pagodaswan said:
Quote Originally Posted by Prateek the Great
lol....i wish EN do do that...its just that they have the QOQ gorilla to tackle first.... that not an insult to gorilla's?
Prae said:
I see Canby & Leolis still mad I beat them in Sinope.

P.S. I do have a WW city. Not 50 like in Sinope. You guys should pay it a visit if you aren't too scared of course.

Put your money where your mouth is? I'd bet money you won't


Love the quote you finished it off with lol. My city is still quiet ...


This server sure has can I put this politely and in a way that won't attract Figgy's red pen.....erm.....



Great post mate. As far as wonders are concerned. Its over. EN wins all 7. I dare someone to come break one of ours.


Wonders are like Mount Everest....and its feeling like we are going up the down escalator...but we will get there...possibly around Easter, just in time for that event...or maybe the Rio Olympics and take advantage of that event

Basically we intend stretching the server as long as possible to give ourselves as much chance as possible of getting at least 1 Wonder completed....

<insert knackered emoticon here>