Above Predictions

Alex Skye the brave

Player: Expeirnced and looking good, hopefully the lack of points is the increase of troops though :/, through past expeirnced is quite succesful in some ways, better then others that i've seen i will hopefully catch up with the points

Allaince: No need, isnt in one.
what you said about the player is true i am working on raiding farms and getting troops but i am also building

and i can't find you


im going to rate ZUES had returned..

Player: average points, average player, don't know much but has lead CS in Pi..

Alliance: might become dangerous when time comes like on Kappa and Xi.. but might as well increase the member count... :)

Alex Skye the brave

what do you mean you are not familiar i post in like every thread :p

player good pointage

a wonderful alliance



Alliance : Good alliance - super friendly bunch with a diplomat who is the nicest player in Epsilon.


Whats your in game name Kyemera?
Alliance: Para Bellum - Sorry I have not heard of you guys ever.

Player: mwilliams11 - Decent points, could be better. Your ABP is horrible for your pts. Your DBP is almost equivelent to your ABP which tells me your a consertative person. Personally I think you won't make it in this world. Sorry bud but your not prospering well enough.

My Ingame Name: Aappiiss

Alliance Name: (this is tricky because it changes daily)


I have to agree. egod is quite easy to find in the rankings... But I want to judge my own PA! MWAHAHA

Name: EGod

Name Comment: This person really has an ego problem. Either that or he has a problem with God and wants to be e-God haha

Points: Not too shabby but need to get up there mate. Need to be able to excercise the opinion of domination before being rimmed.

BP Comment - In the top 100. Good job.
ABP Comment - Horrible should be higher unless your a dang turtle, which I think you are. :X
DBP Comment - Top 50, Why are you so high? Do you have a problem killing your enemies or something? Or do they just like to pick on a person that has an ego problem?

Alliance Comment

Points: Bloody awful if you ask. 5 players? Why not recruit? Oh right due to our rules. Sorry we barely do recruitment after all our profile says it. "Recruitment: Closed - If we're trying to find a new person for the team. We will find you. You do not seek us, we seek YOU!"

ABP Comment - Top 30, for such a small batch of players pretty impressive considering their spread out. Almost half or a bit over half is from me. So am I carrying this entire alliance offensively? :\
DBP Comment - Top 40, looks to be coming from one individually mostly and that is eGod. My gosh everyone is hitting on him! What's up with that?
BP Comment - Top 30 again. Wow I would love to be in this alliance. Good thing I am. Haha

Alliance overall: I can't see them going from the end since their objective is to lose in this game the best way they know how. No Diplomacy, get people angry and attack other fish. No PAs allowed for them. So ya, how long can they last?
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I cant blame ya for saying that about me and my alliance so early on, but believe you, me....I will be here in the end....I am no noobie- I just need to find more players that arent lol.
But yes my abp and dbp arent the best yet, but you will see me in the fron there soon....I am laying low while I train my alliance and wait to see who is actually going to be here for the longrun....I will ask for an apology later lmao...Im just kiddin...Best of luck to all of you,and for the person above me I will rate in a moment:)


I like the no noobie rule but numbers are a lot in this game...Noobies need a trainer, and how do you think you will ever have a top alliance with 5 members?
I love your alliance name as well-but thats not enough to win.

Points are decent, and you are growing like you should...Honestly I think youll make it as a player, but your alliance will fall and youll have to join somewhere else more established! Your attack and defense BP are good for being so early on! Never heard of your alliance though either....Best of luck to you, but I would look into a better alliance


player above me - good stats

I like to think of myself as a "noobie defender/slayer" - if you are on my team - they are going to have to go through me to get to you - if you not on my team...tsk tsk - that is about how long you will last


Hell Mr Mod. If you're going to delete my posts - at least let me know so I can repost it :p


Low points for initial conquer. Doing this for low moral? Or just wanted 2nd city asap?
Could be hasty, without the troop numbers to defend both cities.

The Alliance name (The Beauty of the Ocean) sounds too Rainbow bright for me, too PC, too Flower Child.

You don't have much BP, but good job that they're all in offense.

I did hope to see a bit more, but that part of the world is still younger.

Predictions? Most likely an alliance merge in the future to combat higher ABP alliances there.


i have been on here nine days - i have just launched for third city and fourteen bp - not cp - away from fourth - should have fifth city by friday - my goal - a city every other day

I believe that my award for two hundred colony ships built in kappa explains how i play - i had one person ask me - why are you attacking so many random people - I explained it is NOT random - I have attacked every single city on every island around me

in this part of the server - all i am going to pick up the initial six swordsmen - so to get this many bps means that i am hitting every new player the moment they come out of protection mode

as far as your prediction - yes..i hope most of the alliances around here do decide to merge with us for their own protection.....

player above - good tracking - nice and steady - felt a little disappointed when they told me I did not have enough experience at the game when I asked to join them - guess my kappa stats were not impressive enough

I feel like the line in Watchmen by Roshach - "I am not trapped in here (prison) with you.....you are all trapped in here with me"
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