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Lets talk about the only stat anyone really pays attention to.

1) Pheonix Rising- 27365
2) Awoken Problem- 21781
3) Impact- 20839
4) Bones and Skulls- 18049
5) The Dogs of War- 17868
6) Slap- 14321
8) Legion- 10036
9) Lords of Conquest- 9730
10) The Buccaneers- 9039
11) The Empire- 8823
12) Terrahawks- 7952

1) Phoenix Rising- Was expecting less
2) Awoken Problem- right on point imo.
3) Impact- Was expecting more
4) Bones and Skulls- Will soon be making a run at first
5) Dog of War- Strong start but will probably move down some
6) Slap- Don't expect them to hold this spot
7) Ghost Division- Won't last
8) Legion- Looks decent
9) Lords of Conquest
10) The Buccaneers- Expect them to rise a lot
11) The Empire
12) Terrahawks- Good for their size

Edit: I actually know nothing about Lords of Conquest or The Empire, so here's a picture of Invader Zim. :)

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Check the top, I fixed it.

Theworldismine, more power to ya if you do. But I don't see it happening. Best of luck though. :)


Largely agree with your comments, abp shows there are a few dark horses like Terrahawks where points cannot.


I think your comment on The Empire is probably the most accurate


The list have begun to change. The alliances that were thought to be floating have finally received their paddles


An update for abp rankings, I will try to be as unbiased as possible but don’t take my comments seriously ;)

Also due to ABP rankings being quite close and this took a bit of time to write some may have changed between when I wrote this and now.


1) Bones and Skulls: 103228

2) Phoenix Rising: 103103

3) The Buccaneers: 102690

4) Wrecking Crew: 99013

5) Pandosia Newspaper: 93403

6) Slap: 82352

7) The Dogs of War: 78814

8) Legion: 72722

9) Wolves of Chaos - Red: 66193

10) The Last Mohicans: 61381

11) soldiers of anarchy: 50084

12) Revolt: 47506


1) Phoenix Rising: 27365

2) Awoken Problem: 21781

3) Impact: 20839

4) Bones and Skulls: 18049

5) The Dogs of War: 17868

6) Slap: 14321


8) Legion: 10036

9) Lords of Conquest: 9730

10) The Buccaneers: 9039

11) The Empire: 8823

12) Terrahawks: 7952

1) Bones and Skulls: Despite have many different academy branches they still take the top spot for abp proving that despite looking like an MRA, they have many good aggressive players in their core so they should not be underestimated.

2) Phoenix Rising: Another alliance that at the start was labelled an MRA at the start of this world, they were previously at 1st place for abp but I would say they are doing well considering they are ranked 4th for points, looks like they have shed some of their dead weight as well. Got to be honest wasn’t expecting them to be 1st last time and wasn’t expecting them to still be 2nd now, so well done for proving me wrong ;)

3) The Buccaneers: Solid alliance that has risen near the top as expected, was previously ranked 10th for ABP so they have jumped up a lot. Currently ranked 2nd for points I would also expect them to be a serious contender for 1st ABP. Having said that the difference between 1st-3rd very close and the difference between 1st and 2nd is even closer. So I expect the top 3 to switch places quite often due to the difference being so close.

4) Wrecking Crew:
Effectively gone from 2nd ABP to now 4th ABP, but with the whole mass booting sitution they have managed to reform themselves when many alliances may have folded for good. In my opinion they have done well to keep 4th place given what they have gone through, but I expect they will be aiming higher in the future.

5) Pandosia Newspaper:
The remains of Impact don’t think they will stick around as it looks like many players have either moved or given up, don’t think is much of a future for this alliance :(

6) Slap: My alliance no comment sorry but someone else can do one.

7) The Dogs of War:
Gone from 5th ABP to 7th ABP which is a bit disappointing but they are only ranked 11th in points so being 7th in ABP is quite good.

8) Legion: They have stayed at 8th abp but are 3rd for points, perhaps they had a merge recently which explains low ABP rank compared to points. However I am sure Legion will catch up soon.

9) Wolves of Chaos – Red:
Don’t know much about this alliance, not sure if they will last or not as they share their ocean with some decent alliances. But 9th abp and 9th points ranking isn’t too bad I guess.

10) The Last Mohicans: Another alliance I do not know but they have a solid core in O46, again not doing too badly with 10th abp and 10 points ranking but I think they will move up in time.

11) soldiers of anarchy:
Not sure what to make of them, ranked 11th in abp but yet 21st in points which is a nice combo. Don’t know much about them but for the love of Grepolis please put capital letters in your alliance name :p

12) Revolt: Similar to soldiers of anarchy, in the fact their ABP is much higher than their points with being ranked 12th for ABP and ranked 20th for points. Once again don’t know much about them but having higher ABP than points is always good.


4) Wrecking Crew:[/B] Effectively gone from 2nd ABP to now 4th ABP, but with the whole mass booting sitution they have managed to reform themselves when many alliances may have folded for good. In my opinion they have done well to keep 4th place given what they have gone through, but I expect they will be aiming higher in the future.



5 min of fame lol


Guess you guys are aiming higher then congrats!
Love the Father Ted reference ;)


Gotta admit that Slap has done awesome and proved me wrong. :)


Sorry, I never intended to play seriously. Was just practicing a little bit to be honest. I don't play much revolt anymore. I also didn't have time at the time. I may come back a little later as this world is starting to make me jealous that I left in the first place. But i'll start ring/rim in order to pick up revolt again. :)
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