AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester Unites, or Chelsea??!


Name your order of these five teams?! This should be based on skill level ;)

1. Barcelona
2. AC Milan
3. Real Madrid
4. Manchester United
5. Chelsea

What do YOU think! :cool:


Man U
Real Madrid
AC Milan

I just had to put internazionale in there.


Man Utd
Real Madrid
AC Milan

oh wait wheres Portsmouth? I guess they're too good for these teams ;).


to be fair, real and barca are a long way ahead based on pure skill level of the players. if it was a matter of being the best team then others like chelsea, inter and bayern munchen would be up there too.

Hagop abroumian

Premier League teams are the most aggressive ones out of all the leagues.


1-Real Madrid

Where's Juventus in dat thread?


1. Barcelona ~ Currently the best team in the world by miles and perhaps the best team in history, for anybody to rate them anywhere other the #1 is just silly.

2. Real Madrid ~ Have always been a great team and in the past few years have had to spend big on players like Ronaldo to try and keep up with Barc but they are nowhere near them.

Manchester United ~ (My team) In serious trouble with a lack of funds to buy new players and cannot afford to splash out as they have in the past, so now they are depending on bringing in younger players and trying to turn them in to great players. A useful tactic the only down side been players such as Ronaldo have no interest in sticking around and waiting for success so they do run the risk of losing good players.

AC Milan ~ Have always depended on older and experienced players who play well, nowadays though that is proving to be a weak tactic outside of Italy. When the go into the champions league against the slick and silky style of the Spanish they find themselves out run, out played and out classed.

5. Chelsea ~ Their greatest weakness is their owner, he demands not only success but a certain playing style from his managers. Simply winning titles is not enough for him he wants his team to play football like Barc, over the past few years he has gone through so many managers (some of them great managers and even one special one) but regardless of how they performed or how many titles they wont he has still sacked them for the style they play. This has caused unrest and destroyed what was once a promising team not only in England but also in Europe.
1. Barcelona
2. Man United
2. Real Madrid
3. AC Milan
4. Bayern Munich
5. Chelsea

Honorable Mention: San Antonio Scorpions of the NASL for their remarkable performance in their first season of existence and for all their operating profits going towards funding Morgan's Wonderland, a park for special needs children.


I used to support Chelsea, but when they decided to let go Lampard, i have stopped following them and their matches.