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    Dec 14, 2012
    Heya guys
    This is just an idea I think would be a really positive addition to the game, it's in most games I've ever played and for good reason so I think Grepolis could really benefit from the feature which should exist.

    To basically put a progress bar in the achievements (Grepolisscore) menu so that you can see how close you are to achieving an achievement.

    There really isn't much to this idea, it's a fairly basic idea.
    As an example, think of the achievement "Heroic Death" which has the requirement: "100 of your units died an honorable death supporting allies!"
    My idea would have a lil progress bar in the tool tip when you hover over the achievement (as you already do to see the details) telling you how close you are to achieving the achievement, in this case, how many of your units have died supporting an ally.

    I think this would make the game generally a bit more fun, especially for those who have completed the quests as you will still have a goal to work towards. It is incredibly hard to work towards a goal, such as loosing 100 units while supporting if you have no clue how close you are. It also helps for people to see and share stats which is something a lot of people enjoy doing.

    Visual Aid (Forgive me, I did this in paint):

    Hope you guys like the idea!
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    I rarely visit that form but seems a good update to be made
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