Agamemnon vs Alexandrios

Hi, I'm a little bit confused here perhaps you can help me.

I've run the simulator with these two heroes in defence.

1000 archers defending, 3000 hoplites attacking. While Level 10 Agamemnon is defending the city archers have %20 bonus in defence value. And if Level 10 Alexandrios defending they have %25.

But for some reason, despite having more defence value with Alexandrios and having only archers as defence, enemy loses 'less' units compared to defending with Agamemnon.

How can Agamemnon be more efficient with %5 Less defence value compared to Alexandrios?
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looks like there is a bug in the Simulator about the 25% increase of Alexandrios. Adding Alexandrios will only kill 34 hoplites more, which is probably due to his defence as a hero. The +25% effect is not there at all.
Thanks for the replies, I should also add

In the case of 3000 Hoplites Attacking 1000 archers. No walls. Nothing else.

With Agamemnon as defence, %20 more defence values for archers. 1718 Hoplites dies.

With Alexandrios as defence, %25 more defence values for archers. 1406 Hoplites dies.

There is something here that is not working as intended. Since Alexandrios gives %5 more defence to archers, more hoplites should die compared to Agamemnon.

@Baudin Toolan

Would appreciate it if we could get any clarification on this issue, thanks in advance.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
This does appear to be an issue with how the simulator is applying the buffs. I'll continue to investigate to see if it's just a simulator bug or if this is occurring in attacks as well. I'll report the simulator side of the issue as well.


i think anyone who lost a city to a Hoplite escort while they had Alex in there should have their city ownership restored immediately.

backdate it 10 years on all servers, open or not.