Agony Aunt - 16!

Sapphire Sorrows

Hello My Dears,

Sorry to have been quiet for so long, but without questions to answer I'm not an Agony Aunt :) . I think we did fantastically to get 15 editions out in a row though. If you want to help me keep this going, send in a question. I had 2 letters in my mailbox over the last week, let me share them with you;

Hello dear A.A.

As I always look forward to see your A.A. 's appear on the Pella forum I was quite disappointed not to see any the last few weeks.

How does this come?


Dear RTS,

Unfortunately I am much diminished without questions, and no one was sending them in! I don’t think Pella really needs another egomaniac posting their own awards each week – what I think makes my A.A. column special is the interaction between completely anonymous strangers and myself.
So if seeing A.A. perks up your week – send me a letter!
I'll be waiting.

~Auntie Sapphie


A.A. -
As a concerned citizen of Pella, I find it disturbing the mass exodus of patrons who seem to have stopped running their cities here. I myself find this lack of attention deeply disturbing, as I know what vermin show up when cities become unattended. I think we all know the name of these scavengers, this unstoppable force which threaten us the moment our attention wavers even for a moment. It is only with true diligence, which has stopped this plague from taking all of our cities...
...Obviously, I speak of cockroaches.
As a person who is deeply troubled by the possibility of these roaches spreading to my cities even with me on lookout, is there a quick home remedy you could recommend to stem the tide of these bugs, which so infect all these cities?

Needa Raidcan

Dear Needa,

You are not alone in your worries. As a woman who has lived most of her life with slight OCD tendencies, I can relate to the shudders accompanying the dusty, dirty ghost towns appearing in Pella.
I must be honest; the hygiene of most of the players who have now left worried me more, as I feel there are certain smells (related to trash/food under teenage boy’s bed/wet animals) which attract some bugs more than others.
The remedy to both these troublesome issues can be hard to judge. In some cases all it takes is a well-placed comment to make these bugs run away to the newest world. In others, it takes hundreds of navy ships and hardened warriors to face down mighty cockroaches.
Be aware that conquering ghosts is the only way to keep your farms safe from spiders and that to attack a player is sometimes the best way to encourage them to have a wash. By clearing an enemy town you give opportunity for them to spruce the place up with some spring-cleaning!
I am sure it would set all out worries at ease if you were to help us clean Pella, and post reports of your doing so.

Ever Hopeful,

~Auntie Sapphie

Thank you for tuning in my sweethearts, let’s see if we can get the forum alive again! As support grows I may even reintroduce the awards or bring in something new – who knows?

Sapphire Sorrows

If only people would send in questions so it may continue!