Agony Aunt ~ Week 10!

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Sapphire Sorrows

Hello my dears,

There were no questions sent in this week – We don’t start the week well without questions! Please send in a question – or go and visit Last week’s A.A. and help us answer Mr Believer’s second question. It’s a technical one, so if you have techie experience we would love your input!
Let’s get this going…

The 7 Deadly Sin Awards!

Lust ~ The player I most want to be based on their performance in game

Again this week the award goes to Ellaranna, who even under great pushes from attacks on her and her alliance maintains a healthy balance between defence and attack. Although I’m not sure how long this will last, Both Max and Eclipsin are catching up, only around 5k battle points behind now!

Anger ~ the player who shows the most aggression in game

Someone has been waking up on the wrong side of the bed for the last week – that would be Eclipsin! Taking out their frustrations in game, they have the anger cup!
Obviously Max didn’t get any kittens for his cereal, perhaps someone should donate some sugar and spice? ;)

Sloth ~ the active member of the forum who isn’t so active in game

This week our “Lazy Player” would be Bizarre. Not saying there’s no effort, he’s in a good alliance with some great players to work with. But only one city – compared to others who haven’t done much…..Well, at least he’s doing better than Metalcore.

Covetousness ~ The City I want most based on name and points

Mockingbird; which belongs to kidofwar (The Chosen Few). Isn’t it pretty? A 13k city - with some great views of possible war fields….

Gluttony~ The Player who takes the most cities in game

Our hungry hippo this week is Ellaranna! Collecting cities like those coloured bits of plastic take marbles – well done!

Pride ~ The Best Alliance in Pella (My Opinion)

Soundly wiping the board of alliances who oppose them, MOS have flexed their muscles and taken the Pride cup.
Some alliances have been worth noting over the last week –
Play for keeps, who have been beating LOPE. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some stamping from them as well but that is up to their members.
Silver who are still surviving even while facing continuos onslaught from MOS.
Elite Ones A little co-operation with The Chosen Few seems to have done them well, with one of their members ranked #4 in O45 now.

Envy ~ The Alliance I want to be in based on performance in game

With 295 cities, The Chosen Few dominate Ocean45 and would be the logical choice for a strong alliance in my own ocean.

Well my dears, if you will remember over the last couple of week we have had a lot of intrigue about the identity of “Mr Anonymous” – Our notoriously accident-prone friend.
I am pleased to announce that we have a winner for the Detective’s cup:


I will see you all next Tuesday; stay classy.

~Auntie Sapphie


it was....who is this mysterious stranger? where did he come from? where is harvey denton? this and more will be answered next time on dragon ball z....errr i mean agony aunt....0.0

Sapphire Sorrows

That's the first time Agony Aunt has ever been likened to Dragonball Z, on any world lol!