Agony Aunt - Week 14!

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Sapphire Sorrows

Another week gone, another Agony Aunt! No letter form Anonymous this week but I do have something else in the letterbox….

Dear AA,

i am having a bit of a mental meltdown at the moment, because i recently discovered that one of my basic life principles my be false. Let me explain it a bit more.
Every morning, when i wake up and eventually get onto Grepolis, i discover that my Polis is shrouded in the darkness of night. However, when i look outside a window, it is a beautiful sunny morning, and things couldn't be better.

My question is, are my eyes right, or am i under the influence of some extreme government plot to confuse people into thinking that it is day time when it is actually night?? If so then are night-owls are actually day owls, and cats are diurnal (active during the day) instead of nocturnal??

I hope you can help me solve this mysterious conundrum, so i can go back to my normal life.

Hi there!

Unfortunately there is no government conspiracy to turn days into nights. If there were I’m sure it would be to slowly prepare us for any forth coming apocalypse which may – or may not – be planned for the future.
What I think may have happened is you went on a wild adventure at some point, possibly with some friends on a boat. And you got lost. To be sure, to find somewhere which can’t be found you have to get nice and lost. During this adventure you might have come across the words “Down is Up”.

I can give you a remedy for your malady. Don’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean late at night while fighting off sleep. Also go to your in game settings and switch off night mode :p

~Auntie Sapphie

Alrighty then – here’s:

The 7 Deadly Sin Awards!

Lust ~ The player I most want to be based on their performance in game

Same as last week folks, Ellaranna. She’s still unbeaten and top of the fighter’s rankings.

Anger ~ the player who shows the most aggression in game

Eclipsin12 has this one again – although it looks like Max may be closing the gap again! Hopefully a little ruckus will pop that right up in the future!

Sloth ~ the active member of the forum who isn’t so active in game

This week it goes to bloodraver4. Bet you didn’t even notice him about, that’s just how lazy he’s been.

Covetousness ~ The City I want most based on name and points

Daggers Dull – Which belongs to ganjan12 of The Night’s Watch. The only one of his cities not numbered.

Gluttony~ The Player who takes the most cities in game

Ellaranna still has the most cities – sitting on 40!

Pride ~ The Best Alliance in Pella (My Opinion)

MOS and their newest members. Or maybe because of the addition of the newest members. Mayhaps their honour will rub off?

Envy ~ The Alliance I want to be in based on performance in game

shadar logoth have had some good development recently, and have an interesting expansion plan . They are currently defending against a few big names while still able to look at the bigger picture. I like that. An alliance to watch at the very least.

Thanks for reading another A.A., I’m sorry it was so late! See you again next week my little doves.

~Auntie Sapphie