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Good people and especially smart developer who did that app: you killed the game. Some of us are not kids who wake in middle of the night to check game when phone rings, some of us don't have smart phones, some of us have families and some rl. Until that app it was possible to do reasonably well even without all advisors but with good average activity. Yes, they buy cps and slots, I can fight that. I can't fight players who wake up in middle of night.

You know I would in no case whatsoever wake up at 3am to check this or any other game.

Thank you for some fun I was having, have your game for zombies and robots instead for human players.
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I use the app, and i hate it...lol

For me the toolbox and app have really changed the game for the worse in regards to the attack alert, but you fight fire with fire and to be competitive i use it.

I do like the other features for the phone use tho :pro:


also they don't support all platforms with this feature,
it really ruins the game by giving people who are willing to get out of bed at 2 am such an advantage,..
they should remove this


Q: Does app warn you when spy is sent against you or only when attack is launched?

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Only when one of your cities are attacked.
What is the point of having a tracking system on grepointel if you are going to do this. One of the most essential skills of the game is learning when and how to attack an opponent and how best to clear his/her city. You might as well make sure that the attacking fleet has to sound a foghorn as well. :Angry:


I don't use the app, but I don't have a problem with it.

If you think someone is using the app alarm, just get your alliance to launch on them every 2-3 hrs for a couple of weeks, and they will soon get tired of responding to it. Its not difficult with a few people in 3 timezones. Mix it up with some nights of launching loads. You can also launch and cancel as it will still send the alarm.

Also, Grepointel is a 3rd party site, not owned or run by innogames. There are several 3rd party sites with very useful info on them, but they follow grepolis, you can't expect grepolis to follow them.


Totally agree regarding the app - the PC users have been asking for this sound since version 1.26
repeatedly we have been told no-we can however have seagulls and dolphin noises "yippee"
One can only assume there is a financial reward for Inno for getting more people on the app
whilst at the same breath they talk about rebalancing the game - yeah right whatever.

Grepointel may be a 3rd party site but Grepolis is intellectual property of Inno
so they could address the situation if they wanted to
they did it before with the independant attack planner (which was better IMO)
however unlike that situation Inno do not plan to release a premium version of Grepointel
so nothing will happen

Archon of Corinth

Me?? :supermad:

I think you know that I was addressing the quote that you made concerning the new app and it's functions rather then you personally, but since you seem to want to derail this discussion into some sort of self referential ( ie Mako referential) spam thread. - I shall answer by say - "Yes you". Now unless you are going behave as a Mod should behave. Butt OUT!


I don't know what the issue is, this is a war game and any disadvantage of yours is the advantage of mine.

Do you think honestly think everyone who uses the app actually wakes up when the attack alarm goes off at 3 or 4am because I don't.


send attacks every hour and cancel them before the 10 minute marker they will soon turn the APP. off