Pnp Alex's Last Words for Interlude


Winning the world or getting the crown doesn't bother me what-so-ever. I've never played the game for that reason at all it just so happens to work out that way for people (for example in this world: either myself or others and I've said this kind of thing before). Could it be classed as a (50/50 - a tie - a draw) between IO and DBD or whatever, yeah maybe, probably but only time will tell to be sure but the truth is, it doesn't matter and it never really did. It's not been a great world which I'm sure others will agree so I'm going to try and end the world enjoying myself and if I get the crown cool but if not I'm alright with that because that isn't why I play. So good luck to all and lets try and make something out of a terrible world including having some fun because that is what it is really about. ;):D


IO is now taking away privileges from people who disagree with one part of the grand coalition having a pact with an alliance that has always been an enemy to another part of the grand coalition... if I could care enough, I would now officially remove myself from their company in disgust and do my best to undermine their cheesy attempts at a crown... as it is I have ghosted so if anyone still cares my cities are up for grabs...


Perhaps you IO guys should scan down the list and find the "pass the salt" thread which is where all of your posts on this matter belong.

Some people don't like what you did, some people don't like what we did, some people don't like what he did???

It's a strategy game people and any strategy that gains you an advantage can and should be used? Next you'll be saying you shouldn't take inactives either.
You are a funny guy calling that strategy...hope someone tries that "strategy" on you