All About Sidon


it's just funny how you rim kids even still posting on en127 forums, couldn't be relevant in game and trying to be relevant on forums, like what you kids even still doing here, go join a new world or something no one even knows if you exist on 127


Wait are you like 12? you seem 12. i don't want to be picking on some kid. i want this to be a fun environment for everybody. don't want to accidentally be bullying a 12 yr old on the forums in the name of fun...

* serious face


lmfao typical virgin kid calling me a kid after being called a kid, you dont have any better comeback beside copying me and projecting cringy kid?


hmmmmm.... interestinger and interestinger...

now we have projection, besides the aforementioned complex.... go on, this is weirdly entertaining... what's next?


<excuse the double post>

wait. so all this hostility basically starts from Luna saying he's not very impressed by anybody in this world? THAT is what sparked this finalboss ragemode avatar of yours isnt it?

Assuming he had said he is very impressed by theplayer Ukboys from the alliance Stone Coffins from YOUR mighty important ocean... would you then be all peaceful and nice and answer Nick's questions?


The Dangerous Player: Ludsan
The Best Attacker: Pyro so far
The Best Defender: Pyro also
The Best Fighter: Ludsan
The Worst Player: Pass
The Best Alliance: Olympians :) .
The Worst Alliance: Pass
The Most Overrated Player: Pass
The Most Underrated Player: Sylt
The Most Underrated Alliance:Olympians :)

I dont know if its fair to choose my old alliance haha..


I would argue there lack of exsisting puts them out the runnings but hey i dont make the rules, also wain dude your in my ally now (despite all your comments about it) so ill give you a break but like please stop getting into pointless arguments in every. single. thread.


Enjoyed breaking the server second time in this week! looks like this time we broke the buffs as well!
With the fall of the last large temple, sidon, prepare for Olympus!!!!
btw did I really see an alliance banging their entire LS fleet on a bir wall 1 day before olympus? and those guys were talking about winning the world! how funny!


you wouldn't do the rimming, so why you talkin' such big ish for being such a little fish???? all of a sudden u get an invite into the top team through no work of your own and you think u all that? please sit down, no one asked for your crap opinions and honestly i feel stupider from reading them.

Your alliance impressed you for.... doing what you are expected to do??? LMAOOOOOO standards are low for crap players i guess

How do you lack the self awareness to notice that this was a massive self-own hahahahaha
i would totally rim you Jim ;)
and your team does not impress me one bit :rolleyes:


Oh come on this isn't trolling! we have a 1:5 ratio on cities under our respective control... we're just improving on the spot to balance it out a bit ;)


besides, there are like 3 whole days before olympus pops up... what do you lot have to do besides rebuild and wait? at least everybody's getting some entertainment :D


i would totally rim you Jim ;)
and your team does not impress me one bit :rolleyes:
aha yes this is actually exactly what i was waiting for, someone to talk about me! thank you Filip I will take it from here.

Now that someone has called me out (even if it's just Filip), I officially nominate myself for most Overrated.

I will also be nominating @xterm (+his LMD friends) for most dangerous. Together, him and his 3 LMDs counted for over half of lost cities by FRANK (last I checked)