All that work gone....


I admit, I'm new to this game and I knew I would lose my city 'Aquaius' in some way or another. But to be attacked three times one hour apart between each one is just brutal. First was one guy from mad tea party with 5500 or so points. Then a guy named troy with 4800 or so points, then the 5500 again. I just got 2902 points all on my own with no alliance, and now all those hours during spring break and long hours after homework, after school are GONE. I probably would have taken it better if it was one guy, but two one after the other? That is just cruel. Why don't they just attacked someone within your own range and not someone with 2000 or more less points then them?

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Getting rimmed is a part of grepolis, why even I, the great Balloon Toucan, got rimmed here in sigma not too long ago. Just rebuild and hope it doesnt happen again.


Learn from your mistakes and you will get better with time.

Wait till you reach the later stages of the game. If you're getting attacks one hour apart, you should be thankful!


If you don't want to get rimmed you need to keep up with the rest of the ocean on building, and coast in a strong alliance until you're ready to take your second and third cities. After that you should be able to stay alive for a while..

Silas Greenback

I, and coast in a strong alliance until you're ready to take your second and third cities...
That is bad advice, if you join an alliance be part of it and learn, joining an alliance to "coast" is the worst way to learn this game

sarmea moon

As soon as you break 2k points you become a tasty target. Not having an alliance is even better, as you know they likely won't be calling in any major support. Targets like that are slim on the ground, so many people rush to grab it:)

While you shouldn't join the first alliance that asks (unless you get lucky and it's a good one) you should join one fairly quickly. I waited a week after my BP wore off, and only then joined one. It's not about coasting, it's about being able to offer mutual help and protection. If, however, you find yourself quickly outgrowing the other members because they are inactive, there's no shame in leaving them for a better one.

If you are lucky, you pick one that grows with you. Never leave in the middle of a war- go down fighting. I've been rimmed more times than a prison house prostitute during several wars in another Inno game. You learn just how quickly you can rebuild and send a train (CS) back into the fight to take something off the enemy. You don't get this sort of fun from solo play.


This is of my own opinion.

This is what I encourage to do.

1) Build up your troops
2) If you see an incoming attack, check if it's a Colony Ship speed or a different one.

A) If it's CS, if you have defensive units use them. Try to snipe the CS if there is incoming attacks prior to the CS. Make sure you activate militia at the last second too this way the CS hits Militia instead of the prior attacks.
B) If your pretty much offensive ground troops, recall them to make them hit the CS right after it lands and before the support starts rolling in. (Fun to do!) (This means CS is inbound)

3) If it's not a CS do the following

A) Spend all resources except enough to hide in your warehouse cave
B) Dodge with your troops
C) Activate Militia. (They can be re-activated every 3 hrs)

This tells the attacker that your active and they'll get no resources from you. This means they have to hit you with a CS to destroy your troops. If they want your city, they'll do it. If they want to make you a farm. They'll get tired of hitting only militia with no resource return. Their losing a profit from this and it discourages them from them making you into their farm. (I prefer turning 2k players into farms and at this stage of the game. It depends on which ocean/area your in. Right now my area is almost demanding conquest 3k pt villages instead of the 1k-2k. By the sounds of it, they want to make you a farm.

I wish you the best of luck also.

And the alliance join thing. Choose wisely. And do never leave in the middle of the war. That rumor spreads quickly in this game and you don't get a lot of rep for it. Alliance leaders will not like you in their alliance if you seek a new one because you bail in the middle of the war. The only exception is if your alliance is being dominated easily and your recruited by the winning side. Then it's a different story. It's all about politics. ;)