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All Time Best Alliance

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I would have to go with Project Venom as ive been one of its members before and ive heard EN's forums are very messy.


That's no surprise, PV was never super exclusive and encouraged active forum users to join as well, whether they were good at the game or not (e.g. Rock5 and you Bond :p) Plus there have been a dozen incarnations so a lot of people know of them :D

Digital Mystikz

From what i've heard, EN likes to pact and merge their way to a win, completely the opposite of Venom. So i'll vote Venom, totally unbiased btw :)

Tea city

HERT was the most efficient compared to size, and taken in account how it started, grew, and speed of wonder building ( (Kronnoss himself admitted 700 million resources pumped in less then forty hours from less then 130 active members was unparalelled).
As for combat efficiency the EN of August 2012 in Bellerophon was the most deadly machine ever seen compared to size.