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Actually joking a bit with you mate was expecting a Imprettysure,lol

I do not know Venom can not say you are right or wrong.
Not that I want to disregard your opinion but an alliance has ups and downs, and if at one point one is very strong after say a year it's performance may fall.
I will give you a first hand example:
Not without a reason I said that the EN of August 2012( start of the month) was the apex of any killing machine I have seen so far ( and fyI I have almost five years playing in many servers).
They had two alliances, EN( main founder Kronnoss) and Occupied( main founder Tanderamos).
From overall 98 members ( Occ had 48) at least 70 could be rated as good or very good players, rest being over the average, with minimal simmers ( the usual mythic bevhunter,lol).
They had just taken the Lion's share of good players from Pink Death,etc.
Participation in the ops was almost 90% of those not in VM( even noobellator attacked during ops,).
This are percentages I have never seen elsewhere.
EN did not win there, my alliance won, yet I do not rate it better then them when war started.
The inner issues ( presented as usual by Erik and Kron as lack of endgame. in fact they have a name,raiders akka Deadly Truth who peed off five top players starting with weasy and ending with gavca) screw them and downward spiral started.
And facilitated our victory.

A year later I played for 3 months inside EN in Myonia.
They won but perhaps one may even say they could not lose at that stage.
Over 150 parasites living on the backs of 70 very good fighters.
Ww logistic was in the hands of the incapable Noobellator( he left even shades 1503 as ww owner!!!), but thank God Weasy has no equals in overcoming issues and having Phonoi as leader is a clear blessing ( and of course Erik and Prt as op planners).

They won but without a doubt player the average was way lower then in Bellerophon where they failed!
None can make such dry comments as you and others do.
Fyi- haven't voted.
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You and Bedouin do not leave anybody else: d
You put an one month mushroom to compare with alliances which have won 2+ servers: d

Totally forgot about this post lol.

Now what are you asking me?


[QUOTE="Tea city, post: 960030, member: 25203"

Ww logistic was in the hands of the incapable Noobellator( he left even shades 1503 as ww owner!!!), .[/QUOTE]

Yay!!! 2 years late!


That grepohugs/serpentine medea didn't win is a bit insulting.
Wonder what the results look like if you cull people under 5 posts.


cough**Fusion was better**cough
I wonder if any of these will be making a comeback anytime soon
Would love to see a legendary ally once more
Those massive ops Erik organized were things of beauty