Top 12 Alliance A-Baps


LOL looking at the stats the #1 and #2 alliance are quite focused on internal conquests, or swapping cities between the 2 that top the ranks(though we may as well call the the same:eek:)

But really I am wondering if EN 1 and EN 2 find the world as fun as if they choose to play as enemies instead of mates:eek: From my experience, I find the worlds less fun with all the pacts and naps. But then again, add in all the new gold cuts and such the game has lost the challange it once had.


From my experience, I find the worlds less fun with all the pacts and naps. But then again, add in all the new gold cuts and such the game has lost the challange it once had.
This is soo true! It's all shrivelled up. :p I miss the old Gamma days!!!

Bellerophon is dead, no? Died months ago. :(


A new HW will end the same:/ Just like all the other worlds. What I think we need is worlds with PACT's disabled and no shared forums. If alliances choose to work together make them acually have to put more effort into their working together:O


As my good friends says

the turtles un turtled a few cities. Guess what happened when EN/occ ran out of inactives....................................

BAMMMMMMM Styx loses more cities :)

Not to say styx is a very good alliance because they support line is nice and timed in well. Other then really taken semi player(1-2 times a day players) or inactives they have only got one city from bill and it came deep in there territory as the masses hit (all there allies) inclding internals we were supporting.

Props do go to Nisa and bruzier for what they are doing but looking at the BP gains. ITs about five of you doing all the supporting :p

As for ETAN and the other guy.. Did you get rimmed or quit because your a noob. Quit making ecuses and restart or leave are forums. Please neg rep me again because the truth hurts

This should be a top 3 maybe 4 allaince.

1- EN
2- OCC
3- Styx
4- anyone who would like to claim themselves
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Tea city

1,2 million bp(overall) in the last month.Not that bad,still less per player then the top alliances:)


nah there are plenty of time for us for every individual to gain enough bp that would reach your standard :cool:


That would require some individuals to attack tho, sorry but I dont think they would reach Tea's standards.


everyone starts to be small and with out small things there are no bigger things,as of now maybe yes some of our groups have small abp but time will never end unless its end of the world.. :p


For example there is someone like me, i started 3 months ago but thanks to the alliance i have already reached 200,000 points. My focus now is ABP and will help contribute to the rankings best i personally can.


Rank Name Attack points
1 Endurance 43260458
2 The Norse 42495987
3 Styx 38851121
4 Legacy 31567032
5 The Flying Circus 31286673
6 Our Way 25471883
7 LOKI 8367924
8 Endurance BP 7992462
9 Strength and Honour 3477147
10 The Imperium 2873301
11 Legacy United 2740162
12 Endurance Academy 2348444

oh yeah we are winning! :p


So Endurance are now the biggest MRA on this server.....not 1 academy, not 2 but 5 Endurance alliances! By far the biggest ever MRA in bellerophon! (I wonder if lord PC can say anything constructive here...)

Tea city

Ranga you know lord tablet is a hopeless case:d
How much time was needed to overtake Styx after the main players left?
2 years?:d
Now that's a record,lol