Top 12 Alliance A-Baps

Discussion in 'World Bellerophon (en41)' started by daizan, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Da only smart thingy posted from ya,lol
    + rep for yo:d
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    Jan 27, 2014
    not gonna happen, if its in belle not a fair fight given lowther has over 200 cities, would take tea 2 years to get that many, and in all other worlds lowther plays he colonises in oceans like 99 or 15 :D
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    Jan 27, 2014
    Getting tired conquering inactives are you lowther :D
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    Aug 23, 2013
    new top 12....
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    Feb 17, 2011
    I can believe Belle still open!
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    Dec 17, 2012
    Temple of Dagon has returned as of 7-16-2016 on our way back to top 12. as of right now we are #18. if your an old ToD member feel free to contact me ingame to rejoin.
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    Jul 2, 2015
    Ohh come on drop it off, top 12 in a dead world? Do you realise that if first 100 players make a one man alliance they get to be in top 5.
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    Aug 23, 2013
    Lol, he makes a good point, after 11th or 10th place the numbers start to jump rapidly, getting into top 7 would be an achievement but ironically it would be pointless. Iron Fist made it to rank 9 with 15 members then after the merge into our sister alliance Hammer of the Gods after my unfortunate ban, we made it to rank 7 before most ex endurance members jumped onto the endurance bandwagon once again, Currently sitting at 10th place and planning on fighting endurance some more, ops in 35 should be more fun now, much more enemies in there now, exciting times ahead :)

    i see you also jumped to endurance @lord pc after a while of playing solo?
  11. optimuch1

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    Aug 23, 2013
    1 Endurance - 115318690 points - 34 players - Huge alliance, Mostly bad players lots of simmers, if your in this alliance your probably irreverent unless you have over 300 cities, just another huge MRA at the end of the day nothing special going on here.

    2 The Norse - 86097628 points - 45 players - Also big, but quite far behind endurance, id say some better players in here than some in endurance, still full of simmers, with enough teamwork and activity i'm sure they could easily take down endurance.

    3 Endurance BP - 54491945 points - 48 players - Again, a fair few simmers , nothing special, i don't see much BP here if you ask me lol, name is a bit misleading.

    4 Legacy - 48619591 points - 26 players - A few good players, some simmers, i dont know much about this alliance but to me they are just the same as the norse

    5 Endurance Legion 42655589 points - 29 players - Probably the best alliance out of the endurance bunch. Lots of simmers, however a fair few good players too.

    6 LOKI 39909561 points - 23 players - Same as The Norse, some good players, mostly simmers.

    7 Endurance Army 30291608 points - 31 players - One of the better endurance alliances but still packed with simmers, a couple of great players here.

    8 Our Way - 28347476 points - 15 players - Pointless alliance, just merge with endurance already, Dont know much about these guys but i know for a fact they are all kind and respectful to enemies and allies alike.

    9 Legacy United - 25952409 points - 28 players - Same as Legacy, A few good players, dont know much about this alliance either, same as norse in my eyes.

    10 Hammer of the Gods 18240185 points -35 players - My alliance so will try to be biased, Recently things have been going downhill but we are making a come back. Some simmers here as it was the sister alliance, but lots of great players in this alliance.

    11 Styx 11839019 points - 26 players - Pointless alliance, seem to have been doing some recruitment recently, should just merge with norse or crimson.

    12 Natural Selection 7641566 points - 46 players - Full of simmers, probably about 1-2 good players here at a push.

    Honourable mentions -

    Crimson alliances - Lots of noobs, but most stay active, nice bunch of players things changed a bit when the leaders left but they are holding up fine and continue to do what they do.

    Temple Of Dagon - Tricky one this alliance, pacted with some endurance yet not so friendly with the main endurance or endurance BP to my understanding. My first alliance, great guys, super friendly with noobs. The leader always wants to hug everyone however, but i guess belle is a simmers world so why not. A fair few simmers, most stay active, not much fighting going on here but support always makes its way around.

    Iron Fist - The alliance i created, Hammer of the gods being our sister alliance, recruited members from endurance, and norse side of the world. Hardly any simmers, always on the offensive, kicking endurances buts in 35 and 36 despite size. However it fell apart when i got banned, unfortunate really but makes things exciting. Ran some successful ops, horse 69... you can sim and found some more cities with the 30 odd slots we freed up for you in 2 days, The Imperium... see you later, The legion of imperium... see you later, dormezvous... see you later, vince noir, after leaving us for the enemy... see you later lol

    Thats my top 12, no one has to agree but i think i kept it fair.
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    Dec 16, 2012
    lolz you sure wasted some time doing top 12 on bellerophon especially when externals are dead ! ( and in game lol got supporter of the day a couple of times with 2k DBP like WTF)
    omg temple of dagon so funny this alliance. Comeback ? you claim 36 as your ocean and yet you rank at number 5 in the ocean :') Shout out to your profile video though makes me laugh every time i watch it.
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    May 14, 2018