Alliance forums - best and worst

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Seems that we've all got a few worlds under our belt and likely that we've all spent significant parts of our lives trolling through alliance forums.

Anyone care to share best and worst experiences?


Early early game Bucaneers forums, just had too many tabs that were kind of the same thing, But what we have now is great.


One of the reasons for Spartans of Darkness success is a well organized and maintained forum. I'm always appreciative to leadership for stepping up and keeping up with housekeeping. Has to be a huge pain in the tookis, methinks ;)

But when it comes crunch time . . . everything is there, updated and well laid out. Early on, we were given templates to use for the various situations. We even have a very informative "Guide" tab with all the little tips and tricks to improve your game.

Organization makes a big difference!